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WINSTON (Mastiff)

Sweet Winston has got to be one of the most stubborn dogs we have had to deal with in a long time.  Everyone loves him, but he sure is LAZY when it comes to getting up.  On the way back from picking him up from Carolina Vet. Specialists we realized it was always going to take two to three people to get him mobile each time he had to get up to go outside.  He also had to be rotated consistently throughout the day.   After some very serious discussions with everyone, we decided he was just not strong enough to come back to our Rehab Facility.


I contacted Charleston Veterinary Referral Center that has an amazing Rehab Program under Dr. Jennifer Au and decided Winston would improve faster under their qualified hands.  The most I can lift right now since I broke my back is 25 lbs, so I was definitely out of the equation while I am healing.  There are also times when we might only have one person at the Center while others are at the Vet and that would not work.  


Winston has been at CVRC for the last ten days doing Rehab and only today do they feel he is finally getting stronger.  He is only slightly motivated by food but only for a short burst.   He has to want to get up, or he is NOT going to.   We have done the hard part which is doing his Double Wobbler's Surgery; you would think he would be appreciative and help us out a little bit here but, Oh No, he wants everyone involved in this process.


Don't get me wrong; everyone LOVES Winston.   We know he would progress a lot faster if he would just put a little bit of effort into the process.  Dr. Au was away over the weekend and when she returned she did not see much improvement.   The Vet. Techs that worked with him through the weekend felt like he had improved slightly.   I was relieved when I got a call from Dr. Au that said there is a little bit of improvement and to put off ordering a custom cart for right now.  


To say I was delighted with the information is an understatement.  We are willing to do anything to get him moving again and HAVE.  There is no treat off limits if it gets him upright and going forward.   I have adopted and had several mastiffs (Bubbles and Molly), and I have never had this problem before.  Those two girls could move faster than a speeding bullet if food were involved.   I am happy we have some positive news surrounding this sweet dog.


The bad news is that we were not prepared to have him stay at a Rehab facility that is not ours, so we need to raise funds to cover his three-week stay at CVRC.  I was jumping for joy when Dr. Bergman said Winston could leave and come to us.  It was short-lived when I realized we were just moving him from one ER Hospital to another one that specialized in Rehabilitation.  


Please, Donate whatever you can so we can get this boy upright and Moving.   Thanks for caring and making his Journey to Heal and learn to WALK again possible.


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