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WINSTON (Mastiff)

Our sweet big goofy boy is finally getting with the program and starting to walk with assistance from one person.   Charleston Veterinary Referral Center has done a fabulous job with his Rehab Program.  We started out with one week of Rehab and then opted for two weeks to give him the best possible chance. Unfortunately, Winston was so weak from loss of muscle mass and the two surgeries he had that he was still not able to stand on his own or do any steps without dragging his rear legs.


His Specialists took measurements to order him a cart and then decided to give him one more week before they put the cart order in.  Dr. Jennifer Au and Dr. Lisa Olsen have been over his care.  They each believe he will eventually be able to walk on his own.   It is just going to be a slow process given his size and how weak he has been.


Last week was when we were supposed to pick Winston up and bring him to our rehab Facility.   After looking over all of his videos and medical reports for the week, I decided it was still too early to bring him to us.   At some point, I would have to decide to get him a cart based on how little he had improved.  I am always the hopeless Optimist that thinks one more day will do the trick.   Well, here we are, and it is Monday again.   Winston's bills are way out of control with all we have done to get him walking.  


This morning I got a video that showed lots of progress.  This is what I had been hoping for.  Winston was motivated to walk to the treat bowl, and only one person was required to get him up and to move.   I was so excited about the progress, I told them they could have him for one more week, and then we would pick him up.   That ends this Friday which they think is all he needs and he can then come to us.  When I started his Rehab, I never dreamed I would be leaving him for one month of Physical Therapy at CVRC.   Well, as it turned out, that is exactly what he needed to get moving.  He still cannot get up on his own, but that will happen as he gets stronger.


Winston is the sweetest boy that loves everyone.  All he cares about is curling up next to someone and giving them lots and lots of sloppy kisses. He deserves everything that we have done for him and then some.  The Original Family that had him were terrible.   They abused him in so many ways by not giving him the basic care of a dog his size.  Big dogs cannot live on concrete or the hard ground.  They get terrible sores that eventually form a hole that will go all the way through to the bone that is pushing on it.  The pain this causes is something no animal should ever experience.


We hope that Sweet Winston will never have to go through anything like this again.  In addition to doing his Rehabilitation,  healing the sores on his body has been a top priority.   Winston sleeps on a special orthopedic bed, so he does not get any new pressure sores, and the ones he has been given the opportunity to HEAL.  Winston will always be special needs because he is a massive dog and has Wobblers.   That Specialness just makes us love him more.   


We are in the home stretch for this boy and are finally getting the results we needed to see. We have videos showing his progress.  Please, watch the videos so you can see his progress and determination.  He may be one stubborn pup, but that is good when it comes to him not giving up.   Please, Donate whatever you can to cover his last two weeks of rehabilitation at CVRC.  Thanks for caring and making his Journey to Heal and find Love, possible.  We greatly appreciate your unwavering Love and Support.

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