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ZIGGY (Poodle)

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I sit back and look at Ziggy and wonder what kind of person would ever allow this beautiful dog to run free.   I then remember that not only did they not get him medical care, but they let him lay in the road suffering all night long, alone.  If I could post their name in big, bold letters on a billboard, I would.  Sadly, that is not going to happen.  If anyone in the Charlotte area starts looking for a new poodle to buy or adopt, check them out thoroughly.  I am sure these people will look for another dog to roam free and get hit by a car.


I apologize for being so angry, but there is no excuse for this happening to Ziggy.    If you look up perfect in the dictionary, you will see Ziggy's picture next to the word.    He is sweet and loving.  His nubby tail never stops wagging.  He is so happy that his entire body shakes from pure Joy all the time.   We love and adore this tiny Angel.  


Ziggy is not having any issues since his surgery to plate his broken jaw.  He is off all pain meds and is eating soft food comfortably.   We are amazed at how well he did after the procedure.    He was on a pain patch for several days and then was switched to oral meds for two days and has since not had any issues.  He acts as if he never had a broken jaw, which is a little unnerving.  We have to remind ourselves daily that he cannot have anything hard for another couple of weeks which means no hard treats.


We got Ziggy's culture back from his eye socket, and he had a Staph Pseudointermedius Infection that was resistant to the Clavamox he had been given.  The infected area was cleaned when the eye was removed.  Given how well his eye is doing, it appears enucleation and antibiotics rid his body of the infection.   Ziggy is still eating soft food since his Jaw repair but has been doing well.   His body score when he arrived was 4/9. Eating is a must for this sweet boy and exercise to build up his loss of muscle mass.


Having one eye does not keep Ziggy from running around.  Every once in a while, he will bump into your leg on a walk but realizes you are there and gets right back on track.  Given everything Ziggy has endured, he is doing fantastic.   We are not doing well with all of his bills, but the end result is we saved another beautiful dog that was scheduled to be euthanized because his Owners let him run free.


It appears, almost everywhere in the USA is under a Stay at Home order.  We are essential since the lives of our dogs depend on us being there to survive.   Not showing up is not an option for us.  We have 34 dogs in our care at the Rehab Center and in the Hospital.  Our Retail Store has been closed for three weeks now.  We are only doing online orders at this time, which we greatly appreciate.  Any Donations would be appreciated at this difficult time so we can take care of the dogs we have in our care and keep our Facility open.


Thanks for helping us with Ziggy and all the other Abused dogs in our care.  Life will never be the same as we once knew it.  We are stronger than we ever thought we were and more fragile at the same time.  We will get through this and will be humbled by the experience.   Noah's Arks Rescue is a Family, and each of you is part of it.  If anyone is in desperate need of support, please reach out, and we will do whatever we can to help.   No one should be alone during this difficult time.   We are here for you and the animals.   Warm hugs and much love from everyone at Noah's Arks Rescue.

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