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ZIGGY (Poodle)

Latest Updates

I am happy to report that Ziggy is doing fantastic since his surgery.    The jaw was not as robust as we had hoped, but the surgeons felt it was stable enough to merit removing the plate.  Ziggy will have to be on soft food until the area has formed more bone.


Jaw repair is complicated under any circumstances, but doing surgery on a dog as tiny as Ziggy is even more difficult.   The biggest issue is having room to put a plate in and having room for screws.  Putting more holes in the bone compromises the bone further until it heals.   Our adorable boy is in a wonderful home that has a Vet and a Vet Tech to look after him.   He has the best care possible to make sure the jaw is protected while it heals.   He had lots of swelling right after the procedure but that has since resolved and he is happy and comfortable.


The main reason for the surgery was to remove the screws that were causing his discomfort.  The odor coming from his mouth is completely gone, and he is as happy as any pup could be.  We do not anticipate any further complications given the kind of care he is getting.   Life is good in Ziggy's World.


Thanks for helping us with this special pup.  He has the Life he always deserved because of your generosity.

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