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ZOOEY (Shepherd)

Latest Updates

Our sweet pup is critical but showing small signs of improvement.  Zooey's anemia is beginning to improve but is still very low.   The bulk of the anemia, we believe, is from the massive wound she had and blood loss.  The burden of parasites has also added to her anemia.  It is going to take a couple of weeks for her to stabilize.  If her anemia drops any lower, we will be giving her a transfusion.


Zooey's wound care protocol is critical.  She still has a nasty infection from lack of medical care for so long.  Cultures have been taken, and appropriate antibiotics have been prescribed.  Antibiotics and dead skin removal are critical at this stage of her healing.  The Surgeons have reached viable tissue, which is needed to ensure the massive wound can eventually be closed.  


Zooey still has tie-over bandages on the most extensive areas.  The areas where she has large bite wounds have drains placed to ensure the area will drain as much infection as possible before closing.  Bite wounds are treated differently from regular punctures because of bacteria's introduction from an animal's mouth.


We have heard from the authorities in Charleston County, and they have supplied the correct number for Animal Control in the area where the dog resided.   The dog lives in North Charleston and is under their jurisdiction. North Charleston Animal Control's Dispatch number is (843) 743-7200.  Charleston Veterinary Referral Center (CVRC) reported the appropriate authorities' abuse and supplied them with the person's name and address.   


I spoke to the Officer yesterday, and he informed me Misdeamenor Charges had been filed.  He also said the courts are backed up, and this would not go to trial for quite a while if it ever does. Three other dogs live in the home, and they are cared for properly.  He said this is not a dog-fighting ring but an unfortunate incident where the big dogs attacked the puppy.  My problem with this scenario is the Family did not seek proper medical treatment for Zooey when this happened.  


Voice your opinion if you think this is unacceptable.  I have voiced my opinion and believe there has to be a proper punishment for the unimaginable pain and suffering this puppy has endured because of its lack of medical care.  Don't get a pet if you are not going to look after them.  Accidents happen, and responsible pet guardians seek medical care or have a pet euthanized if the injuries are too grave to save the animal.   


Zooey's well-being is our top priority.   We are doing everything possible to save her and give her a good quality of Life.  The best news is she is young.  Her health was not great from lack of care, but youth is on her side. When Zooey arrived, we believed she was deaf.  She did not respond to loud noises.  We did not understand why she could not hear from her other ear.  She is now showing signs she can hear.  She will never have the hearing of an average dog since one ear is missing.


The ear that was torn away still appears to have a healthy ear canal.  Zooey will never be allowed to go in the water and swim.  During baths, that ear canal will need to be covered to protect it.   The ear will be thoroughly checked out when they repair that side of her head.  She should have some hearing out of that ear, but as of now, she does not.


Zooey's medical care and treatments will go going on for several weeks with her in the hospital.   Sadly, we are not close to being able to close the large wound on her head.  None of this should have ever happened to this adorable puppy.  It did happen, and we are focusing our attention on saving her.  Any Donation is much appreciated.   Thanks for caring about Zooey and seeking Justice for her horrible neglect and abuse.


Because Zooey's injuries are so graphic and disturbing, I have decided to send around a picture with the wounds covered.  The rest of the pics will be on her web page for anyone that chooses to see them.  Thanks for understanding.



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