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ZOOEY (Shepherd)

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Being busy is one thing, but being busy with abused dogs needing significant medical care has everyone jumping through hoops to make sure they get the special care they need.  Zooey is a perfect example of taking a pup that should not have survived and creating an environment where she thrives.  


Zooey is healing beautifully. All but a few stitches have been removed, and her wounds are healing better than anyone expected. Every one of her Doctors was cautiously optimistic, but at the end of the day, Zooey had to do her part.  She was petrified when she first arrived at the hospital and didn't get comfortable until she was out and with us.   


If you do the surgery but don't do the critical aftercare, animals die.  Surgery is very traumatic for animals.  Having an injury is the first trauma, and surgery is the next.  Dogs especially have to be where they feel safe.  It took Zooey about a week to finally settle down with her wound care and all the new smells and sounds.   It took her one day to realize we were a source of love and compassion.


Zooey has the biggest, gentle heart you could imagine.  She wants to give everyone kisses and thinks everyone is her friend.  In the last two weeks, she has ultimately come out of her shell.   She is playful and wants to chase a ball all day.  She loves other dogs, and they love her.   Zooey is the perfect pup in every way.  


Zooey still has her ear canal and can hear.  Her hearing is not as pronounced as her good ear, but it is a Miracle her ear canal is intact.  The trauma this little shepherd endured was unimaginable.   By all accounts, she should not be alive.  Her initial trauma was significant enough to kill her.  Add infected wounds on top of that, and you have a Death Sentence.   Zooey is alive because she wants to be here, and she had the best Specialists at CVRC.   Nothing was spared to save Zooey.


Zooey is one of the smallest German Shepherds I have ever seen.  Her form is perfect for a shepherd, but she is small.   When the final stitches are removed and spayed, she can be adopted into a loving home.  Life for dear Zooey is better than Good.  Happiness is written all over her face.  She loves Life and the unconditional love she gets daily.   


We were overwhelmed with her medical bills and might not live after all the surgery.   Looking at her now, we are so glad we kept on going and never looked back.  Zooey's injuries should have never happened. I don't believe her Owner has been arrested.  After hundreds of calls, we are no closer to seeing Justice be done than when this happened.  North Charleston Animal Control doesn't want to discuss the case, nor do they want to give us any info about what is happening.  We had to move on to save more pups that have been tortured under the so-called care of a Human.


We are still paying off Zooey's bills.  Any donation is much appreciated.  Thanks for helping us save this beautiful puppy.   She would not be here today if it were not for you.  Thanks for giving her the Gift of Life.

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