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ZOOEY (Shepherd)

Latest Updates

I decided it was best to wait until I had good news on dear Zooey before doing another post on her.  We did two major surgeries to close all of Zooey's wounds.   The first surgery closed the wounds on her leg and left ear, which had been almost torn off.  The wounds were still producing a lot of fluid, which is why drains were put in to be pulled later.


The massive wound on Zooey's right side caused her to lose her ear flap.  Dr. Garnett waited several days before proceeding with Zooey's final surgery to repair the massive wound on the right of her head.   I was thinking all along they were going to have to do a skin graft, but it was not necessary.   They were able to pull the skin they needed from the neck area up around the head.   The surgery was successful.  Tubes were placed to allow excess fluid to drain from that area.


Everyone has been asking about Zooey's ability to hear.  In the beginning, she did not appear to hear from either ear.   I am not sure if she was so traumatized that she did not respond or she actually could not hear.  After a week in ICU, she began to respond to noise from her left ear.   I think the trauma to that particular ear caused swelling, which affected her hearing.   Once the swelling went down, her hearing improved.


Extensive scans, x-rays, and exploratory procedures have been done on Zooey's right ear to determine her hearing ability.  Zooey's outer ear flap (called the pinna) was torn away. The ear flap funnels sound into the ear canal.  Dogs have a long narrow ear canal that makes almost a 90-degree bend as it travels to the ear's deeper parts.   Zooey's ear canal is intact.   She can hear sounds out of that ear, but the sounds are muted since the ear flap is gone.


Adorable Zooey has had a very traumatic experience that would scar any dog for Life. I would never want to be around humans or dogs after this nightmare, but Zooey is sweet and loving and wants nothing but hugs and kisses.  This week we are seeing her true nature come out.  She is a playful puppy that wants to roll around on her back and have her belly rubbed.  


Zooey's Life has taken a turn for the better.   Each surgery was successful, and she can hear.   We are hopeful the authorities will convict the individuals that allowed this to happen.   CVRC and Noah's Arks Rescue has done all we can to press charges for animal cruelty.   No dog should ever have to endure the pain and suffering Zooey endured.  It is a Miracle she is alive today.


All drains were removed yesterday from Zooey. She will be released from ICU this week and come to our Rehab Facility, where her Rehab and wound care will continue.   Zooey will be receiving extensive medical care at our facility. Donations are still needed to cover all of her expenses and her continued care.   


Thousands on top of thousands have been spent to save this precious puppy.  Everything we had went into saving a puppy that should have never been in this situation in the first place.   We understand accidents happen, but to consciously not get medical care for a dog that was attacked so viciously, is criminal.


The people that had Zooey never appreciated what a special pup she is.  Her beauty and grace continue to shine in ways you cannot imagine.  Dogs are the most resilient creatures, and Zooey is a perfect example of their ability to overcome hardship.  


Thanks for giving us the ability to save Zooey and all the other abused dogs we take on.  We are overwhelmed with medical abuse cases that we do not have time to post.   Our top priority has always been giving each dog the medical care they need to survive and the emotional support they need to recover.   Our small dedicated staff excels at both.


We always have between 28-32 dogs all the time, requiring individual attention.   From early in the morning until late into the evening, each dog has a particular program designed just for them.  I am amazed at how well my staff works together to make this happen. Miracles happen when a committed group of people comes together for the common good. 


Fetch Mkt. works because our dedicated Volunteers give up several days a week to show their support by working at the store for FREE.  Everything we do at Noah's Arks Rescue and Fetch Mkt. is for the dogs in our care.  


We had to change our hours at Fetch Mkt. because of Covid and keeping our Volunteers safe at all times.  I had unique A/C purifying systems installed in all three areas to ensure our staff, volunteers, and customers are safe.  Fresh air is circulated 24/7.   Our new hours at Fetch Mkt. are Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 4.  That gives us time to clean and sanitize each area.  A mask is required whenever anyone enters the store.  We also have a holistic hand-sanitizer for those that request it. 


Noah's Arks Rescue is by appointment only.  Masks must be worn during appointments.  If you do not have a mask, we will supply one.   The safety of our staff is a top - priority.  If you are interested in one of our pups, please, fill out our application online.  Once the application is received, we will then schedule your visit to meet your new best friend.


Thanks for supporting us and what we do to save Abused Dogs.  Your generosity is much appreciated and enables us to keep saving dogs.

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