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CHARLOTTE, NC.....Beautiful Angel is a 10+-year-old Golden Mix that was found as a stray.  Another Rescue took her in but her Medical Condition was way more than they could handle so we offered to get this wonderful dog the medical care she needs, or she would not make it.  We were given a description of Angel but were shocked when we finally got our hands on her. They said she once could walk and then suddenly became lame.  They also had lots of medical records showing she was treated by several vets.


To say this sweet dog was on Death's Door when she arrived is an understatement.   Her body had several Decubital Ulcers. These sores occur when a bony part of the body rests for long periods against a hard surface, restricting blood flow to the area.   The tissue dies and eventually sloughs off.  There are several stages that happen before the end stage.  During the time it takes for the skin to die, the animal is in excruciating pain.  This does not happen overnight.  It takes a while for these ulcers to occur.  Sweet Angel had several of these from resting in one place without being rotated and kept on a cushioned mat.  


We did a Cat Scan to determine the cause of her inability to walk and discovered she had a ruptured disk.   Normally, Dr. Bergman at Charlotte Veterinary Specialists would go right in and remove the disk.  Unfortunately, Angel was in such bad shape that she would not have survived the procedure.  The other issue is that she has a heart condition and needs a Pacemaker.  Her resting heart rate is only 40, and she does not respond to epinephrine.  Angel is another Pandora's Box.   We have to get her stable before we can go any further with her care.  Once she is stable, her ruptured disk will be removed.   


In the meantime, protective donuts have been sewn around her ulcers, and she is in ICU being closely monitored.  She has a Neurosurgeon, Cardiologist, Surgeon and lots of Vet Techs that are overseeing her care.   Everyone is in love with this sweet, sweet older gal.  Most of the Hospital has decided she is a dog worth saving.  If we can get her strong enough to do her heart and spinal surgery, she has a chance at walking normally again.  She can then live out her final years at the feet of someone that loves and adores her without a care in the World.


We are not keeping Angel alive.  This wonderful girl has fought long and hard to be here.  She can decide to die at any time.  All we are doing is supplying the medical and surgical care she needs to survive the abuse she has endured.   Just looking at her ulcers makes my entire body ache.   We have her comfortably resting so she can begin healing.   Please, keep Angel in your prayers.  She can pass on at any time, and we are going to let her go.  In the meantime, we are going to do everything possible to get her WELL.   


ICU is the most expensive area of any Hospital.   That is where Angel needs to be at this time until she is strong enough. Angel asks for nothing and gives unconditional LOVE to anyone that comes up to her. PLEASE, help us, help her by Donating.  Any Donation is greatly appreciated.


Have a very blessed Holiday Season.

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