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ANGEL is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.  She loves everyone.  Angel had her Cardiology workup with Dr. Sophy Jesty, and she agrees that Angel needs a Pacemaker as soon as she is well enough to have one.  The main problem we have been dealing with is clearing up a MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) infection she has had from the Decubital Ulcers she came in with.  We have closed up the areas and surgically removed the necrotic tissue, but the infection was allowed to go deep into her tissue and bone before she was brought to us.  We have been treating the infection and taking extra care to protect her kidneys.  Angel was in kidney failure when she arrived.  We brought her kidney values back into the normal range, but she still goes in and out a lot more than we would like.   Until the infection is gone, we cannot put a Pacemaker in Angel.  If the pacemaker became infected with MRSA, it would be lethal for sweet Angel. 


Angel has been in ICU the past week because of all the medical issues she has.    She is too weak right now for us to do any of her normal rehab.  She is taken out every four hours for a potty break and is massaged and loved on by everyone in the hospital.   We have to get her through her infection and build her strength up before we can go further with her walking.   Angel does not have much of an appetite, so everyone is coming up with ideas for food she would eat.   We are not sure if she is just a picky eater or she does not have an appetite.   We are working on the idea that it is both. 


The tragedy is that this sweet dog did not have to be in the shape she was in.  When her back went out, the Rescue that had her should have made sure she was getting proper medical care and was not left for such long periods of time without being moved.   The ulcers created the perfect environment for the staph infection to thrive, and that is exactly what happened.


We are working with the Specialists to determine where the best place for Angel would be given how sick she is.   We have made a lot of progress since she came in, and we still have a long way to go with her.   Angel deserves her chance at getting well.    We need for everyone to please keep her in your prayers, and donate any amount you can (big or small) to give her the only chance she has at recovering.   We are not going to give up on her and are doing everything we can to pull her through this.    Thanks for caring and doing everything you can to give her this chance.

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