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GREENVILLE, SC......We are all still upset about losing sweet Opal Bella, but life in the Rescue World of Animal Abuse continues whether we like it or not.   We received lots of e-mails yesterday concerning a boxer with a large tumor named Cody at Greenville County.  I responded back to everyone that we are just way too full and to contact a Boxer Rescue.  I also said I would pay toward any surgery to the Vet of the Rescue to make sure she got out and was not euthanized.   The day went by, and I kept getting notes asking for help.  I sent a note to the shelter to get more information.  I couldn't believe it when they sent me a note saying no one had stepped up for her.  Cody is between 4-6 years old, and her Owner turned her into Animal Control.   Dogs that are surrendered by Owners are always the first to be euthanized.   It was around 4:30 so I put my Transporter on the road to pick her up and have her taken to Carolina Veterinary Specialist in Matthews, NC.  


I immediately changed her name to Dapple because her fur looked a little bit like a Dapple Dachshund.  It seems like every Specialist at the ER Hospital has had their hands on our sweet little boxer.  She is heartworm positive, and it appears she has not had any basic medical care.  Her skin is loaded with bacteria and yeast but thankfully does not have any mites.   Our main concern is the tumor on her leg that has to be removed.  Lots of scans have been taken to make sure she does not have any adult heartworms that would make her a high-risk for surgery.  If that is the case, then we will have to kill the heartworms first.   If her lungs come back clear, then she will be operated on tomorrow and biopsies will be sent off.


Dapple is an adorable, sweet dog that has the energy of a puppy.  We do not have a clue how old she is since her medical condition makes her appear much older.  Her teeth are in good shape, but her body assessment is very poor.   She appears to be a dog that loved unconditionally and got very little in return.  The mass on Dapple's leg is a hard mass that does not appear to be attached to any bone. It appears she has been carrying this around for most of her Life. The best we can hope for is that whatever it is can be completely removed. We will then decide if chemo will be necessary based on what the biopsy shows.  Opal Bella's cancer was so lethal that we are all a little less optimistic after the week we have had.   Whatever it is and whatever she needs, she will get.   Once we get her well, she will make a wonderful Family companion.  Dapple loves other dogs and is gentle to play with.  She is a typical lovable Boxer that wants nothing more than to play, sleep and eat in that order.


We are over-full and need to get a lot of animals adopted that are ready to go to their Forever Homes.  Over 70% of the animals we have are still getting medical care.  The other 30%  are in rehab and being trained so they can be adopted into wonderful loving homes. The bills we get daily are beyond anything you could imagine.   Please, DONATE whenever you can so we can keep doing this. Noah's Arks Rescue is a not for profit than survives on your donations.   We have had some terrible financial hits over the last four months that have made what we do almost impossible.  I pick up the balance, but that can only go on for so long.  Even I have limitations. I want Noah's Arks Rescue to continue helping abused animals long after I am gone.  That is only possible if everyone continues to support our Causes.   Please, DONATE whenever possible and forward to all of your friends.  Without your Support, NONE of this would be possible. We don't know what Dapple's medical outcome will be, but we do know she will know unconditional Love. 

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