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Our sweet girl is out of surgery and doing wonderfully.  We had hoped the tumor did not have any vascular components to it but unfortunately, it has.   The Surgeon also found several small little cysts above the tumor that she also removed during the procedure.   The best news is that Dr. Nanfelt got very clean margins which means she does not feel cancer had spread.  Chest x-rays were done before the procedure that showed Dapple's lungs are clear of heartworms and no tumors were found.  We will not know what the biopsy will show for about a week.  Dapple will remain at Carolina Veterinary Specialists recovering and then will be spayed later in the week when she feels better.  She will not be moved to another hospital until all of the biopsies are completed, and Dr. Philip Treuil has determined if radiation is necessary for her to have the best possible outcome.  


We have posted some videos and pictures taken during her procedure.  If you have a queasy stomach, I would not recommend watching them.  They are fascinating and very graphic at the same time.  We also have a sweet one of all the adorable Vet. Techs bathing her before she had surgery.    If you want to know how sweet and loving she is, just watch this one.  She loves all of the TLC that she is receiving.


During Dapple's recovery, she is stealing the hearts of everyone she is around.  She doesn't even act like she just had major surgery.  As far as she is concerned, she has a little ache but her leg feels better than it did with the tumor hanging around.   Dapple is a typical boxer that loves to play.  She will make an amazing new member of the Family for anyone that has energy to spare.


We are still waiting for he final biopsy reports on Opal Bella.  As soon as we get them, we will send a post around.   Thanks for being there for all of our special needs pups.  Their Lives are enriched because of your generosity.

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