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ERNIE (WH Terrier Mix)

Ernie was transferred back to Intensive Care and has taken a turn for the worse.  They put a feeding tube in to see if they could reduce his regurgitations.  Unfortunately, over the past hour, he has started showing signs of becoming septic.  A scan shows that he has free fluid in his abdomen, and a surgeon is coming in to do Emergency Surgery to repair his bowel and remove the rocks that have not passed.


Ernie's vitals are okay, but not great.  My only other option was to put him down now.  I have spoken to his ER Team, and they think he has a chance if we can clean out the free-fluid and remove the blockage.  The rocks in his intestine have done too much damage even though they are moving.  It is now or never for this beautiful dog.


We have come too far to turn our back's on him now.  His ER Team is doing all they can to stabilize him so he can survive the procedure.  Dr. Chris Gauthier is coming in to do his surgery.  If Ernie goes into Respiratory or Cardiac Failure during the process, they are instructed not to revive him.  They will help him cross-over comfortably and surround him with as much love as possible if this should happen.


Everyone at the hospital is in love with this special boy.  His life should have never gotten to the point where he has had to endure such hardship.   Please, keep Ernie in your prayers, and if you can spare anything to help with his Emergency Surgery, we would greatly appreciate it.  Please, DONATE.

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