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BURGAW, NC.....Beautiful Holly is a pure yellow Lab that is five years old. She was brought to the Pender County Animal Control to be euthanized because of constant rectal bleeding.  The Owners said they had spent a lot of money getting her well and decided to put her out of her misery because they could no longer afford any more medical bills.   We spoke to the Shelter and agreed to take her into our Medical Care program to get her well.  The shelter had found a rectal mass and the Owners said they DID NOT want her back even if I paid her expenses.  They had grieved for two weeks while she was in the Shelter and did not want her returned.  We were shocked by this information and decided it was for the best.  We didn't care what she had and were committed to Holly.


We contacted our dear Friends in North Carolina, and transport began to get this beautiful girl out of the Shelter where she had been for two weeks.   She was taken to Carolina Veterinary Specialist in Matthews, NC. where she was immediately evaluated and stabilized. Her records stated she had seizures and was throwing up blood.  The one thing it never mentioned was if she had ever been scanned for a rectal mass.  


Holly had a fever and was pretty sick when she arrived.   The next four days she was stabilized so surgery could be done.  She has shown no signs of throwing up blood or any seizure activity.  Holly is having surgery now to remove the mass.   The Surgeon and the Oncologist believe she has a polyp instead of a tumor.   We will know more once the mass is removed and sent off for a thorough biopsy.


We are not saying the Family did not do all they could do for her.  Sadly, this issue has been going on since she was a puppy.  Why no one thought to do a scan or a rectal exam based on her Medical Records is a mystery we will never understand.   This poor pup has suffered from something that could have easily been removed when she was very young.  Instead, she got worse and worse until the Family wanted her Euthanized.


Please, keep Holly in your prayers that the mass comes back a benign polyp.   Whatever it is, we will deal with it and get her proper medical care.   She now has a chance at living a long healthy Life surrounded by Unconditional LOVE, 


Holly is the most beautiful sweet pup that loves everyone.  She is very shy and cautious in the beginning.  Once you show her love and affection, she literally melts in your arms.   Please, help us with her Surgery and Medical Bills.  


All Shelters across the Nation are starting to PTS animals because of the Holidays.   Let's save the ones we can and get them into great homes.  Instead of a Thing for your loved ones, give the Gift of LIFE that lasts a Lifetime.  Unconditional LOVE is the Greatest Gift of all.  We have e-Cards you can send from our main Donation Page for any Donations made in honor of someone special.

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