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Holly is the beautiful Lab that had a Rectal Tumor removed about six months ago.  She has been living with her new Family since January and has been doing wonderfully.   Four days ago, we got a calling saying she was sick, and they took her to their Vet.   Holly was unable to keep food down and was running a fever.  He recommended she go the ER in Matthews, NC, which is the place that we use and where her surgery was.   It appears Holly is in Liver Failure from something toxic.   The Owners have searched high and low to figure it out and are beyond distraught over how sick she is.   


Holly is in Critical Care and needs our help to give her the best chance possible.   We started taking over her care right after she entered the ER to make sure she got the best care possible.   Yesterday she was given two transfusions, and she stabilized but today her values are back all over the place.   We have had to get the best Critical Care Specialist around to help us save her.    She is getting round the clock care.   She had an NG Feeding tube put in and was just put on Oxygen.   Please, DONATE toward her care so we can continue giving her all that she needs to get through this.  Liver failure if not caught early enough, eventually becomes organ failure.   We are fighting a clock that we can not turn back if we do not identify what has caused this.   Please, keep Holly in your prayers and Donate whatever you can so we can bring this amazing girl home.   She has survived so much and does not deserve what is happening to her now.

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