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The Holiday Season have kept us all running back and forth with animals to the hospitals to save as many abuse cases as we could.  Some are still in ICU  and others are waiting for surgery.   The good news today is that we got Holly's Biopsy back, and she has a BENIGN Polyp.  No cancer for this amazing girl.  Polyps are precursors for cancer.  The longer they hang around, the greater the chances of cancer developing.  Our sweet girl has had this polyp since she was young.  She suffered day in and day out, and no one thought to do a rectal exam or scan.  To add insult to injury, Holly was then dropped off to be euthanized.   The Owners assumed the worst and never even wanted her back.   We are shouting to the World that this amazing dog will live a very long Life.  Never give up on an animal.  They will let you know when it is time to say Good-Bye, and it was not Holly's time.   She just needed someone to advocate for her well-being and find out what the problem was.   Thanks for caring and making her Journey to Heal and find Love possible.   Holly now has a chance to live a healthy Life surrounded by people that love and adore her.

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