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Sweet Lily has had her ups and downs all week long.   She is always happy, but when her lungs start to get fluid around them, she gets distressed trying to breathe.  We, unfortunately, had to Tap her lungs twice to remove the fluid.   The amount is much less than it was when we first rescued her.   Once the fluid is removed, Lily feels great.   Eventually, we will not have to tap her lungs.


Today was her first day of Radiation.  The amount of Radiation we are doing is palliative ONLY.   The Treatment Plan is to ease the pain in her leg where we think cancer has spread and to knock back her mammary gland tumors that are so uncomfortable for her.  When we tapped her chest, we also put in chemo to hopefully keep the fluid from coming back.    Lily has gone so long with her leg hurting that she no longer uses it.   She was very uncomfortable when we first received her.   She is now so comfortable that she wants to play with everyone.   Her Specialists think each week she will improve.


Our Plan is to make her comfortable and shower her with Love.   If Lily starts to have any issues with any of her treatments, they will be stopped immediately.   Palliative Radiation and Oncology is used not to get rid of the Cancer but to slow the growth and to ease her pain.    We have used both a lot for the sole purpose of giving an animal time to enjoy the time they have left without suffering.    Our goal is to give her the best Quality of Life so she can enjoy being surrounded by unconditional Love.    Lily comes into the Hospital during the daytime for her treatments and goes home with one of the amazing Oncology Vet Techs at night.   This way, she is closely monitored for any signs of distress and is spoiled rotten in a loving Home.  Getting out of the hospital and going home with someone is one of the greatest luxuries an animal like Lily can have.  


All of the Vet Techs and Staff at Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC go above and beyond for each of our animals.  We love each of the Techs and Specialists for their amazing talents, but the aspect that puts them above everyone else is the way they care and love each of the animals they work with.   Each animal is special to them and for that, we are forever grateful.


The saddest part of seeing an animal like Lily is that her Life DID NOT have to end up this way.    She could have been helped and not suffered the way she has.   We constantly hear people say they don't have money to take care of their animal, but they seem to have money for bigger cars and whatever else they want.  These very people are the ones that once they get rid of an animal like Lily, they go out and get another animal.   I  will never understand how anyone could discard a loving dog like Lily.   I would go without if my loyal companion needed medical care.   I would work odd jobs, whatever it would take, I would do until I got the help my dog needed.  


Don't get a dog if you cannot afford them.  Dogs are not disposable, and they require annual check-ups.   Dogs cost money even if they never get sick.   If you have a dog that needs medical care, and you have done everything possible, reach out for help but DO NOT abandon your dog or allow your dog to suffer.   Don't wait until there is nothing anyone can do to help other than to ease their suffering.   Be the HERO, your Dog thinks you are.  

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