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It seems like this past month has been one of Joy and Sadness all mixed up into one big package called RESCUE.   Beautiful Lily crossed over The Rainbow Bridge last night around Midnight.   She was rushed to the ER when she started having difficulty breathing.   She was immediately put on oxygen to get her stable while we accessed her condition.    I already knew what I suspected was the cause of her distress but had to have it confirmed.  An x-ray was done, and her lungs had filled with fluid again only, this time, there was more fluid, and she also had fluid in her abdomen.    I was planning on having her lungs tapped again when I decided to take a step back and look at what was going to be the outcome for dear Lily.   She would get temporary relief and would be back in the ER again within the next couple of days.   No matter what I did, I could not stop the moving train called advanced stage Cancer and years of total and complete NEGLECT.  


Lily had two amazing weeks feeling like a real dog that wanted to play and loved her toys.   She knew she was safe and loved unconditionally.   She was never going to have to worry about being abandoned ever again.    The saddest part of all is that someone had her for a very long time and discarded this incredible Angel.  They left her outside Animal Control at night all alone.  They did not even care enough to hand her over to someone.   They ABANDONED her.   I am so glad we stepped up for her.  The thought of her being all alone not able to breathe brings tears to my eyes.   What kind of people do this?   Where is the Heart and Soul that we were each born with?   How is it possible there are so many Soulless people that are abandoning and torturing Man's Best Friend and then there are people like us that would do anything for our animal?  


Lily died peacefully in the arms of her Foster.   Her days of suffering are over, and she is finally free to run and play with all the other NAR pups that have gone before her.   I am sure the Heaven's were barking with delight at the sight of sweet Lily.     Her beautiful eyes are shining bright with all the trouble she can now get into.   The girl did love to go after a stuffed animal.   Tonight the skies are going to be brighter, and the Heavens are going to be singing.  


Heaven had two very special Nuns that joined them this week.   Sister Margaret and Sister Paula  that were senselessly murdered in Durant, MS.   A lot of you may not remember, but I am from Mississippi.  The Sisters were part of the same Catholic Chuch where I grew up.  They were personal Family friends to everyone in the Community.   No two people could ever be more loving, selfless and compassionate than these two amazing women.   The Community they helped will never be the same without them.   I save animals, and they save people and give them back their dignity.    My heart aches for the loss of these dear women to the Community.   So many people will suffer because they are no longer there to comfort and support them.


The Heavens are full of great people showing unconditional Love to our dear pups that have passed far too soon.    Thanks for making Lily's Journey to find Love, possible.   If I had it to do all over again, I would still grab her and do everything possible to give her back her Dignity and Love her.  Her Life mattered and should have all along. 

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