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Otto is still a big part of Noah's Arks Family.  He has been with us for four years and will probably live out his Life with us surrounded by people that Love and Understand him.  We have quit looking for a home for this dear boy because we think the best home for him is the one he has with us surrounded by people that know him best.   As you can see from the video, this sweet boy is Loved Unconditionally.   Our new Rehab Facility has enabled us to give him the best possible Life.


Otto gets to be around other dogs but does not get to interact with them because of his Dog Aggression issues.  He loves being with people but is not allowed to interact with any children because he has such a strong Prey Drive.   Even seeing a child sets him off which is one of the reasons why he is not a Candidate to be Adopted.   Otto's Home will ALWAYS be with us.   We will never Abandon or Give Up on him.   His breathing issues will always be a problem and are something we will always have to have him treated for.  Otto goes in and out of the Hospital and is seen each month to make sure he has the best Quality of Life.   As you can see from the video, his last Hospital Stay gave him a new lease on Life.   He has his ups and down and hopefully his Ups are far greater than his Downs. 


Life is Great for this amazing dog because we make sure his Medical needs are addressed immediately and he is taken to the Hospital.   His Breathing will always be an issue and is closely monitored 24 hours a day.   His Medical Team is always looking for ways to open up his nasal passage with something that will not scar down and close.  As of now, nothing has been found that has been used before.   In the meantime, Life is Good for Otto as you can see from the wonderful Video our Trainer, Will made of him.   He has each of us wrapped around his little paws, and he knows it.  


If you would like to Donate toward his on-going Care, we would greatly appreciate the Support.   Thanks for caring and being a part of Otto's Life.   He is here today because we all banded together and decided his Life mattered.   He deserves every chance at Happiness as each of the other dogs we have saved.    Otto has the best Quality of Life because we Care and Love him, unconditionally.   





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