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Our Sweet OTTO has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.   This special boy has been with Noah's Arks Rescue for five years.  He was used as a fighting dog and was repeatedly fought.  His last fight was brutal and caused him to lose his nose and most of his upper mouth along with injuries all over his body.  He was picked up by Animal Control after being abandoned in the worst shape you could ever imagine.   We were contacted, and I said I would take him immediately.  That was five years ago and lots of surgeries to put this dear boy back together again.  


Otto never got over his dog aggression, although before Delilah passed away, he actually gave her a kiss on her nose through the fence.  Delilah was the only dog I ever saw him love and look forward to seeing.  We never left them alone together, but we did leave her out in the big yard when was in a smaller one.  Otto was very unpredictable when it came to people.  He was the only dog we kept at the Rehab Center that had human aggression.  We knew how to read the signs when something was going to happen and just left him alone until he calmed down.  On good days he was a delight to be around which made the bad days so upsetting.


Otto loved to play with his special balls in the Training Room at the Center.  We would let him wear himself out before we would approach him.   On walks, he was the Master of not doing them.  You would get about as far away as you could, and he would decide he was not walking another step.  He was not a dog to push to do anything so we would end up carrying him all the way back.


Otto was diagnosed with Cancer on his Penis four months ago.   He was not a candidate for radiation because of his breathing issues and his human aggression.  We had to sedate him every time any procedure was done, no matter how small.   We had his Oncologist come up with a plan and started him on Palladia chemotherapy.   We were shocked to see his tumor go down in size and were feeling great about the results.  Unfortunately, other tumors began to grow on his body.  Our energetic boy declined rapidly over the last two days.  He became very depressed and seemed to be in pain all the time.  When his breathing became labored, and he did not want to eat, we knew what had to happen.


We never planned on Otto not being with us forever.  Everything at Noah's Arks Rescue had to revolve around Otto and where he was at all times.  He was our Daily Reminder of the horrors of Dog Fighting.   Otto may not have been for everyone but we rescued him, and he was always going to be safe with us.   He had a Home, and he knew HE ruled the Roost.


Otto was ready to go when we gently helped him cross over the Rainbow Bridge.   He was surrounded by the people that loved him most.   He was our Baby, and we were his Family.   We Loved him more than you could ever imagine.   It will take us a long time to adapt to him not being there.  Otto was always part of us.


 I am sure when Otto showed up at the Pearly Gates, every dog on the other side that knew Otto at Noah's Arks Rescue thought, "Oh No, this is Going to be Interesting."  The good news is that Otto would be a new pup that no longer feared other dogs or people and he would be WHOLE.


Tonight, when you look up at the beautiful Night Sky, you will see a ton of stars shining bright surrounding one amazing big star that is bigger than Life.  That will be Otto in awe of all the great dogs that have come out to greet him.  Our sweet boy is finally Home, and we are left with the Memories.


Thanks for being part of Otto's Life and Journey to Heal and find Love.  He found both with us at Noah's Arks Rescue.


We have posted the last video that we did of Otto loving Life in the Training Room.  Please, be sure and watch it either on our Facebook Page or under videos on his page.

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