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Latest Updates

Sweet Simba had surgery on both of her legs and is doing great.   As you can see from the picture, she has tiny pins that have been put through her legs so the bones can begin healing.  The pins or fixtures as they are called will allow the surgeon to adjust the way the leg is healing as it grows and develops.    So far our little snowball is doing incredible.   I am always amazed at the resilience a young puppy has for bouncing back from horrible injuries.  The Surgeon has informed us that Simba will probably need more surgery to fix the legs as she grows and develops.   As we are jumping up and down with excitement to see Simba walk again, he makes sure we are always aware of what is left to do for this to work.  Simba's age is a plus and a minus.   There are too many variables that will not show up for several months.    Right now, we are loving seeing her run around and be a puppy.  All along the way, Simba will be getting extensive rehab to give her the best possible outcome.

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