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Sweet Thumper / Simba has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.


During Oreo's stay with us, one of our favorite Adopters lost a sweet pup named Thumper that was once named Simba while she was with us.   Thumper developed seizures over the last year which she had been treated for.  Unfortunately, she had a massive seizure that she did not recover from and the Family had to say good-bye to her.   All of us were devastated by the loss and the Family needed time to heal before they could welcome another member into their Family.    The minute they saw Oreo, they knew she was the one.  No one could take Thumper's place but losing their dear pup meant they had room in their hearts and home to embrace one more of God's little Angels.    I believe in my heart Thumper sent Oreo to us for this very Family.   Oreo is now with this wonderful Family being showered with Love and Care just the way Thumper was.     


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