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A picture is worth a Thousand Words.   Dear SPIKE is back to his fun-loving, ball chasing, lovable self.   He is feeling great this morning, and we wanted everyone to wake up to this beautiful, joyful boy.   His Vet changed his meds, and within a day it made a difference.  The dull, lifeless look in his eyes is replaced with a bright, alert boy that wants nothing more than to play with his ball and EAT.


So many people thought we should have said good-bye to Spike the day we sent the e-mail around.  Others did not want to Donate because they were basically donating to a Dead-Dog Walking.  Most of the dogs we take on are hanging on by a thin thread of HOPE.   If we humanely euthanized every dog that looked this way, every dog we had placed for the last 12 years would not be in the loving arms of Families that Love and Cherish them.


We are with these Gentle Souls all day long.   Quality of Life is our top priority.   We don't rule an animal out the minute something changes in their mental or physical health.   We reach out to the specialists and keep asking questions until we are sure this is the end and there is nothing we can do.  We have to think OUTSIDE the Box with every pup we take in.  


We don't know how long Spike has.   All we do know is that yesterday was not his day to cross-over.    The Rainbow Bridge will have to wait a little longer for this amazing dog.   We get to see him shine in all his Glory and be a Dog that loves to chase his Ball.   When he tires from that, he gets to run into our arms and be wrapped in the most loving embrace and just BE.    It doesn't get any better than that.  


We cherish every moment with our pups.   We know when the time comes to say Good-Bye and when the time comes to dig deeper for an Answer.   Today is a Great day for Spike and Us.   We get to Love this unique Pup a little longer.


We have posted several videos of him running around on his web page.   Put a smile on your face this morning and watch him in all his Glory.   Thanks for caring and giving Spike the Gift of Life.

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