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Beautiful SPIKE has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.  The pictures we posted of this wonderful dog are how we want everyone to remember him.  What started out as removing a tumor in his groin area shed light on the fact this sweet boy had neurologic issues that had gone undetected.  We never know the history of an animal when we rescue them.  All we know is the abuse that put them in our care.


Spike was diagnosed with GME (Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis) the second week we had him.  GME is an inflammatory condition of the central nervous system that has no cure.  All you can do is treat the symptoms and slow down the progression, but eventually, GME wins.  


Spike has had high fevers in the past while in the hospital where the temperature gauge in his body no longer worked properly.  His fever would shoot upwards with no warning, and immediate medical care was his only hope.  Sunday Morning under the watchful eye of our incredible Staff, it was noticed that Spike did not appear his normal happy go lucky self.   Spikes fever had gone up as high as it could go and measures were taken to immediately cool him down.


Over the next hour, we were able to normalize his fever and get him comfortable.   We were on the phone with Spike's Vet the entire time since we did not have time to get him to the hospital before he crashed.  Over the course of the next four hours, Neurologists were contacted and sent videos of how Spike was doing.  Spike suffered a seizure which we believe was caused by his fever.  He lost his eyesight during the seizure that did not return.   


Our dear boy was no longer aware of his surroundings other than our touch and cradling which gave him comfort.  We contacted Dr. Marikay when our Neurologists confirmed he would not come back from this last seizure.  Our wonderful boy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in the arms of the people that have Loved and Nurtured him from the beginning in our Rehab Home that he knew and loved.  His best playmate Skittles was by his side so she could say good-bye to her Buddy.


If you look for good, there is always something to be thankful for.    We are each so thankful Spike came into our lives.   He had his good days and his bad days but through it all, he knew we were there for him.  We all knew this day would come and were prepared to make the hard decision of saying Good-bye.   Quality of Life is our top priority at Noah's Arks Rescue.  Once a Dog can no longer enjoy the Life they have and be a DOG, it is time for them to cross-over for their new Adventures.


Tonight when you look up at the Night Sky, say a Prayer for dear Spike and all the others that have passed before him.   He now has his Golden Angel Wings and can run and play to his heart's content.   We will miss you dear boy but will never forget your incredible Gentle Soul.  Our only regret is that we did not find you sooner, so we could Love you longer.  You will be Forever in our Hearts and a bright Star in our Noah's Arks Rescue Family.

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