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TREASURE is living up to his name.  He is a fabulous older poodle who is one of the sweetest dogs.  Getting used to our non-stop hugs and kisses has taken him a while.  We are in the second week since we accepted Treasure into our medical program.  He has finally gotten to a point where we believe he is no longer in danger of re-feeding syndrome.  Yesterday, we started soaking dried food in water with a spoonful of exceptional canned food for his feedings.  He has tolerated the food and is loving the larger quantity.  


Our sweet boy has to sit and partially lay down when he eats because he has little muscle mass.  We believe he was kept in a kennel and could not get out for most of his life, which explains his lack of muscle and pressure point sores all over his body.  When Treasure sleeps, he has to be rotated so he does not do more damage to his skin.  Pressure sores are a massive problem for a dog with so little fat or muscle.  


The WILL to LIVE defines our special boy.  He should have died a long time ago, given the condition he was found in.  He also would have perished in the trash dumpster if he had not screamed loud enough to be heard, so someone went to his rescue.  I could go on and on about why Treasure should not be here today.  There is only one reason he is alive: his Will to Live is far more significant than anyone could have imagined.


Animals survive the most horrific abuse because they choose not to give up.  When everyone asked me if I thought Treasure would survive, my answer was always the same: YES.   Treasure has saved himself since the day he was born.  He has endured hardship after hardship and still lived to embrace another day of abuse and neglect.   


I am not saying that our precious boy does not have some bad days ahead. He can endure whatever comes his way while in our care.   He is getting the best medical care and unconditional love.  He has waited his entire life to be loved and adored, and his time has finally come.  There is nothing Treasure would want or need that he will not get with Noah's Arks Rescue.  If he does not make it, it will not be because he did not Fight to Live.  It will be because his body gave out.  We are taking it slow and easy to give his body time to adjust and adapt to getting food and nourishment.


It will be another couple of weeks before we do another update since it will take that amount of time for any change to occur. As soon as we get the results from Dr. Anne Cook, Treasure's eye specialist, we will do an update.   Hang in there and know that our precious boy is learning to take care of himself in a controlled environment where he can thrive.   


We still need donations and greatly appreciate everyone's love and support.

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