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Treasure's journey is a testament to the unwavering dedication and love of our staff. Despite his kidney issues, we never gave up on him. Many doubted we could bring him back to the Rehab Facility, and even if we did, they believed he would not survive. But we proved them wrong. Our collective love and determination and Treasure's resilience have brought him back to life. Treasure has shown us that every life is worth fighting for. 


Our precious pup has gained almost a pound since we got him back and is eating three meals daily without issues. His kidney values are remarkably better and close to normal for his age. His skin problems have improved, so he no longer has any scabs on his body, and his curly fur is coming in all over his body. His eyes, once so cloudy, are now clear from the infection and give us the impression he can see even though we know he can't. I believe he can see shadows created by light based on how he looks at things.


Treasure had such a horrible Life that we will never know his actual age. Whatever his age is, it does not matter to us. He has improved so much that he is now aging backward. He is also very vocal and wants to talk to you in the morning. He follows the staff around, usually in his cart, going backward, and if he is unhappy about something and doesn't feel like he is getting the attention he wants, he will let you know. Listening to him puts a smile on everyone's face.


Treasure is doing so well that he gets to go outside daily and hang with the Littles, as we call them. Maya, our giant Mastiff, looks after the Littles and can stay out with them in the afternoon. She protects and looks after Treasure, as shown in our photos. Every dog loves having Treasure in the yard and kisses him as they pass by.


We could not be happier with our progress with dear Treasure. He goes to the vet weekly to have his bloodwork and kidney values checked to ensure we are making progress. Dr. Marikay cannot believe how well he is doing. With everyone's love and support, we have turned this special boy's life around. He knows how much we love him and loves all the attention. Life is Good for dear Treasure.

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