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The last ten days have been heart-wrenching for everyone caring for Treasure. He did well with his dental procedure, but it showed us that his kidney issues were more than a temporary problem from his lack of nourishment. Treasure had to have the abscessed teeth removed. The infection in his mouth was poisoning him. All of his mouth issues have finally been taken care of, and he is healing that procedure. 


Treasure suddenly did not want to get up, eat, or drink even though his mouth had improved. He was rushed to Port Royal Veterinary Hospital (PRVH), where Dr. Kristin Welch was consulted on his condition. An ultrasound was performed when a heart murmur was detected. Our dear Treasure was in kidney failure from a lifetime of neglect. This was not a temporary problem that would go away as we had hoped.


We needed to get a lot of fluids in Treasure to flush his kidneys, but we could not because he had developed a heart murmur, which prevented this. I was out of town when I got the message, and it was time to say goodbye to Treasure. I spoke to Dr. Marikay and Dr. Welch, who agreed it was time. I was uncomfortable with the situation with me out of town, so I flew home to evaluate Treasure myself.


Treasure had been in critical care for ten days, getting the most amazing care imaginable from everyone at PRVH. When I arrived to see Treasure, he had a feeding tube, IV lines, and a cone. He was skin and bones. He knew I was there, so I made a sweet, gentle murmur as I nuzzled and talked to him. I decided to let this precious Angel cross over the Rainbow Bridge. I let Dr. Marikay know, and everyone at the hospital lined up behind me to say goodbye. It was one of the most heart-warming and saddest days you could imagine.


Dr. Marikay got all the drugs she needed and gave Treasure an injection in the IV line. I then let her know we needed to pull all the tubes and the cone to free Treasure so he could be relaxed and have nothing but love surrounding him. When we pulled the feeding tube, Treasure started snorting, clearing his sinuses and suddenly perked up. I looked at Dr. Marikay and asked her what she had just given him, and she looked at me with a smile and said, SALINE to clear the line. 


Big tears rolled down my face and everyone's face in the room. Treasure, let me know; now was not the time. We had missed something all along, and we had to correct it. His kidney issue was far more significant than anyone realized. I consulted with our favorite Cardiologist, Dr. Sophy Jesty, at CVRC, and our amazing criticalist, Dr. Kristin Welch, and devised a plan. We were going to give Treasure an abundance of fluids to clear his kidneys and treat his new heart issue with meds so he could tolerate the fluids. 


Within hours, Treasure began to eat and drink independently, which he had not done for ten days. His heart murmur has improved over the past four days, and he can tolerate the extra fluids. For the first time, we are on solid ground. We are pushing the boundaries to get Treasure's kidney values normalized and dealing with the consequences. So far, our precious Angel agrees and is eating and drinking like a champ.


I need to remind everyone that taking care of 38 abused, neglected dogs takes all of our time. Over half of the pups are in our Hospice Care Program and require much extra care. None of us have one second to spare. Doing updates comes behind taking care of the animals in need. I wish I could do them more often, but there is no time. We are each doing the very best we can. Please understand that loving and nurturing these special pups is our top priority. You can always drop me a note and ask about any dog, and I will gladly respond.


Over the past six months, we have had six new dogs in our care, and I have not even had time to post for them. What matters most is that they each get the surgery and medical care they need. Eventually, I will have time to post for them. In the meantime, we desperately need funds to cover Treasure's intensive care stay at PRVH. 


Everyone at the hospital has gone above and beyond for this tiny Angel that was thrown away. They see all our pups, and each dog gets the best care possible. The staff comes in on their day off to love on any animal we need nurturing. Port Royal Vet. Hospital is where I take my personal dogs. Dr. Marikay Campbell and her Staff are compassionate Caregivers, which is what we all want for our beloved pets when they become ill.


Please, DONATE toward Treasure's Bills and keep him in your Prayers.

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