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BURGAW, NC......Sometimes, there are just no words to describe the pain and suffering an animal has endured at the hands of so-called Humans.   How can anyone look at this adorable little nine pound Min-Pin Mix and not race to a Vet to get Help?   How could anyone in their right mind turn a Blind Eye to the pain and suffering adorable one-year-old Blitz was feeling day in and day out for almost a MONTH?  The is beyond inhumane.   This case is being investigated by the Authorities, but as far as I am concerned, anyone that knew this dog was in this kind of shape and did nothing should also be held accountable.    I am beyond furious this little pup suffered so long.  


E-mails for Blitz started coming in at the beginning of the week.  I saw the same pictures, everyone else saw.   The facts are that we are overwhelmed with major medical abuse cases that are in Hospitals all over the place.   The ones that are out of the Hospitals are with Trainers or in Rehab.   We just could not take on any new cases at this time.  I felt terrible for this little dog but responded that we were just too full.   The e-mails kept coming in, and I kept saying we were full and was terribly sorry.  In my heart, I knew this little dog would be rescued.  


I don't know of another rescue that takes on the cases we do so there had to be someone else that could step up.  Blitz's last day was Friday.   Thursday, I got several more inquiries asking to help him.  I decided to call the Shelter and inquire about him.   I could not believe NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE had stepped up to save this little 9 pound, one-year-old puppy.   I knew what was going to happen on Friday, and I decided I did not want to be the person that did NOTHING.  


 I was sick to my stomach knowing I was getting ready to find out just how bad this little dog had suffered.  I agreed to take him and put the word out that he had to be out TODAY, not TOMORROW but TODAY.   He had suffered long enough.  Sweet BLITZ arrived late Thursday evening and went straight to the ER where he was started on IV Fluids and pain meds.   The ER stabilized him and did their magic all night long to get him stable.    Blitz was transferred to Dr. Bob Bergman our Neurologist the next morning, and he did scans to determine why this little pup was paralyzed on his back legs.   Late yesterday, all of the results were in, and it was determined that something horrible had happened to this tiny dog.   The only way I could sleep that night was to decide that Blitz had been hit by a car.   The thought that someone intentionally beat up this poor dog and broke his back was not something I wanted to consider.  


Blitz has no use of his left rear leg.  It is mangled and not functioning at all.  One part of it has exposed bone that is terribly infected.   His tail is broken in two with a large raw exposed area.   Blitz has no anal or bladder tone because his spine was SEVERED.   The list goes on and one.  How could one so small have so many critical things wrong?   I am truly shocked he is alive but am so glad he is.  


Blitz is one shining example of an injured dog that fights to LIVE no matter the Odds.   Based on the way he looks and his x-rays, he should be Dead.  In his Heart, he knew there was a glimmer of Hope, and he was not Giving Up.   BLITZ was right.  I could not walk away and do NOTHING.   If he was so bad that he had to be put to sleep, I was going to hold him and love on him and make sure he knew he mattered.    


I am happy to report that I am not going to have to put dear Blitz down.   He is a fighter that is going to live a long Life.   He is paralyzed and will have to have his left rear leg and tail removed first.   He will possibly have to have spinal surgery, but that is down the road.    Blitz is the sweetest dog that will shower you with kisses.   He has not been able to use her rear legs for so long that he has learned to walk on his front legs for brief periods of time.  We are having a cart made for him to use once he has recovered.  


Right now, we need all the Donations we can get to give Blitz the best possible outcome.    He has had a terrible Life and has suffered long enough.   He is loving and sweet and deserves to be loved unconditionally.   BLITZ is an animal that was suffering and needed HELP.    The day I can't ease an animal's suffering is the day I need to get out of Rescue.    It isn't about having all the money in the World.  It's about Caring and Nurturing.   It's about showing these animals they matter and having the Heart and Courage to stand up for them.

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