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I am happy to report that adorable Blitz is doing well since his surgery.   His left rear leg was removed up to the hip area, and his tail removed past the area where it had been badly damaged.  Since the surgery, he has been acting like a new dog.   His poor leg had been damaged so badly it was nothing but in his way.  The other leg does not have any feeling in it because his lower spine was severed.   If you look at the pics of Blitz when he first arrived and how he looks now, you would think it was a different dog.   He was sweet when he first arrived, but now he is one of the happiest puppies you will ever meet.


Blitz Neurologist does not think he has any feeling in the leg that was just removed, but we are not taking any chances and are still giving him lots of pain meds.   The idea of no pain sensation after surgery is something that is difficult for me to wrap my head around.   Dr. Michelle Nanfelt feels the same way I do which is why he is getting pain meds.  


As far as bladder and bowel control, Blitz acts as if he has some but that is just not true.  What you see is not control but an involuntary movement.   Blitz will have to have his bladder and bowels expressed at different times of the day.   He is a young puppy that is going to be just fine.  A lot of dogs that are incontinent because of spinal injuries live wonderful lives.  We have a Special Cart that will be made for him, and he will get lots of TLC while he is adapting to his new Life  


Blitz is a determined little boy that out of necessity is learning how to walk on his front two legs.   He is using his remaining rear leg for balance only   The rest of the time, he takes off on his front legs.


Animals teach us about overcoming adversity, daily.   All I have to do is look into the eyes of Blitz, watch him walk around on his front legs and play and all the worries of the day become very small in comparison.   Animals do the hard work of surviving.  All they ask of us is unconditional Love and Support when times get tough.  These are certainly tough times for dear Blitz, and we are doing everything possible to give this loving pup a long and happy Life.   Thanks for caring and making his Journey to Survive and Thrive, possible.

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