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BRIGGS (Brown Pitbull)

YORK, SC......There are no words to describe the horror this sweet 18-month-old Lab/Pitbull Mix has endured.  Animal Control in York County was called on Sunday about a dog that was tied to a four-foot pole off of O'Lowry Road in York, SC.  The temperature dropped down to 30 degrees during the night, and this sweet pup was not picked up until Monday afternoon around 4:00 PM.  He had no food or shelter.


Once Briggs was picked up, he was taken to the Shelter and was then taken to a private Vet once they realized he could not eat or drink.  Briggs' tongue had been CUT out.   He has old bite wounds over his face, feet, and legs from what appears to be from dog fighting.  This sweet dogs tongue was infected and swollen.


Briggs had a microchip that belonged to a woman.  The person was contacted and said she had given the dog away to a man.  The same man she gave the dog to had pictures of bloody dogs all over his Facebook page. She obviously knows who she gave the dog to.  She then signed paperwork and sent it back to York County surrendering Briggs to the Shelter to be Euthanized.


The Horrors of this story go on and on.  How could anyone hand a dog over to someone that abuses animals?  What kind of Monster does this to a poor defenseless young dog.   The good news for sweet Briggs is that the Vet that saw him thought he should be saved and a Medical Rescue found for him.   That advice is what kept him from being euthanized.


Sweet Briggs is in the ER at Carolina Veterinary Specialists.  He is not able to eat or drink at this time.  We have saved several dogs that had their tongues removed.  It takes a couple of weeks for them to learn how to eat and drink.  If he continues to lose weight, we will put a tube in to assist with his feeding until he has learned how to live without a tongue.


We just received Briggs around four hours ago.  He is being evaluated in the ER.  Once we get more information, we will post it.  In the meantime, we need for everyone to DEMAND that York County goes after the person that did this to Briggs.  Let's don't stop until this Monster is put away.


Please, DONATE to this sweet dog so we can get him all the Medical Care and Love he needs to Survive.   Briggs may have given up, but we are not giving up on him.  I know we can pull him through this with your Help.  Thanks for caring and helping us with Briggs and all the other abused animals we take on.


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