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BRIGGS (Brown Pitbull)

We want to Wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.   Noah's Arks Rescue would not be here today if it weren't for your kindness and generosity.  It takes a Village to save Abused Animals, and we are so Grateful you are part of our Village of Loving, Caring Individuals.


Sweet Brigg's is starting to realize his Life of Torment is OVER.   We have some of the best Surgeons and loving Vet. techs looking after him.   Briggs is cautiously optimistic when he is embraced in the loving arms of his Medical Staff.   It may be Thanksgiving, but 24 Hour Veterinary ER Hospitals are open during all of the Holidays, and we are so Thankful for them.


Brigg's Surgeons feel his injury happened approximately two weeks ago.   During that time, he has been able to consume some water and food, or he would be emaciated.  It takes around two weeks for an animal to learn a new skill such as eating without a tongue.   We discovered yesterday that Briggs has pockets of infection in his mouth that has to be cleaned and allowed to heal before he can officially be allowed to eat food.


A Naso-Gastric Tube was placed in the early morning hours to help Briggs take in nutrition.  This tube is temporary and will be replaced with a feeding tube in the side of his neck next week.  This is a surgical procedure under sedation.   During that time, we will be teaching him how to drink from a large rabbit water bottle.  He will also be on IV fluids to keep him hydrated and to get his antibiotics.  


We have helped more than our share of dogs with tongues that have been removed from trauma.   Each dog is living a great Life in a loving home.   We DO NOT put an animal down because they are missing a tongue.   Brigg's bloodwork is pretty standard for a dog in his condition.  It is not terrible and also goes along with a dog that is loaded with parasites which he was.  


Once Brigg's mouth has healed, we will begin the process of teaching him how to eat raw meatballs that are very slippery.   He can do that while the feeding tube is in.  The tube will not restrict food in any way.  During the healing period for his mouth, Brigg's will be getting freshly made Bone Broth that has gelatin added to it.  The broth can then be cut into cubes, and that is how he will learn to eat without a tongue.  


I contacted my dear Friend Kay Carter with Second Harvest, and she contacted her Friends, and they are now in the process of making the Bone Broth Cubes for sweet Briggs.   He can start doing those on Friday. We are so grateful Kay is part of our Noah's Arks Rescue Village of Volunteers that check on our pups and helps us any way they can.


Brigg's is starting to wag his tail and is even more relaxed this morning than he was late last night.   He is surrounded by people that Love and Adore him.  His Journey to Heal is not a Sprint but a Marathon.   Our dear boy is young and healthy otherwise.  He will get to the Finish Line.   He will be in the Hospital for quite a while Healing.    

Please, keep Briggs and all the other Abused Animals in your Prayers this Holiday Season.  Holidays bring out the best in people and also the worst.  We do our best to be there when the worst happens.


I have spoken to York County Officials, and there is an on-going Criminal Investigation to find the people that did this to Brigg's.   If anyone knows anything about Dog-Fighting in that area, please contact the authorities.   Brigg's was once someone's Family pet that was passed along from one person to another until he ended up in the wrong hands.  His name was Kemba at the time.    If you know anything about this sweet dog, please, contact the York County Sheriff's Dept. at (803) 628-3059.

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