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BRIGGS (Brown Pitbull)

Sweet BRIGGS is slowly beginning to realize his Life of being cast aside and tortured might be changing for the better.  He isn't completely sure about everything that has been happening to him, but we are getting a lot more tail wags that we got in the beginning.


Briggs is still in ICU and will be for a while.  Our dear boy's mouth is in horrible shape because of all the infected pockets of raw skin he has.  We honestly do not know what was done to Brigg's once his tongue was removed.   The inside of his mouth is raw from someone either trying to cauterize the area with something very hot, or he was given a caustic substance.  Whatever happened, it has become infected from not being treated.


Brigg's has had several sedated procedures since we first got him. A feeding tube was put in through his nose and several procedures to clean the infected areas of his mouth.  Yesterday, his Surgical and Critical Care Team decided it was best to put in a more long-term feeding tube called a PEG tube. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) is an endoscopic medical procedure in which a tube (PEG tube) is passed into a patient's stomach through the abdominal wall.  This will allow Brigg's to get the nutrition he will need while his mouth heals.


We have saved a lot of dogs that have had their tongue removed. This is not a Death Sentence for an animal.  Briggs will eventually learn how to eat and drink without a tongue. The problem we have to deal with that is different is the horrible abscesses in his mouth. These are going to take longer to heal than the tongue amputation. The PEG tube was put in because this sweet pup cannot be given any food or broth by mouth until they heal.  Only after the infection is gone can we begin to retrain him on how to eat without a tongue.


Every other medical issue with Brigg's is healing.  His face now has scars from the many fights he was forced to be in.  His legs still have bandages from bites that are changed often and healing beautifully. We have been able to reduce Brigg's pain meds considerably and also keep him comfortable.   He is a sweet, sweet young pup that has the rest of his Life ahead.  We are going to make sure he forgets his past and only focuses on his present.


Brigg's is getting 24-hour care in ICU which is the almost the most expensive place to be on the Planet.  We need for everyone to please, Donate toward his Care.  Even after Brigg's leaves the hospital he will need extensive medical care until the tube has been removed and he is eating and drinking on his own.


We took in three Abused Dogs during the Holidays that are each in ICU.  We need funds, and we need them now.  We will post the other pups later in the week.  Times like this are when my Amex Card (with a very high limit) comes in handy.  The bills have to be paid, but it gives me time to raise the funds we need.


For all the people that said York County would do nothing to find who did this to Brigg's, I am happy to report they are making an incredible case and will soon be able to go after the people that did this to our dear boy.  They have gone above and beyond to stop the dog fighting in that area and are as appalled as we are.


Please, do everything you can to help them with this on-going investigation.  They have become incredible advocates for stopping the abuse and neglect in their area.  We will not post anything concerning the case until we have been permitted to do so. RESPECT that, so the people that allowed this to happen to Brigg's and all the others are charged with this horrible abuse.

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