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BRIGGS (Brown Pitbull)

Sweet Briggs mouth and tongue are still healing from his injuries.  The area has improved, but he still cannot have any food or liquids by mouth until his wounds have healed completely.  The worst thing that could happen to Briggs at this time would be if he got another infection from food being trapped in one of the areas that have been healing.   He is still in ICU getting being fed through his PEG feeding tube that goes directly into his stomach.  He has not gained much weight but is holding his won.


The new update is that the wounds on Brigg's legs and feet were a lot more extensive than we originally thought.  The cut on the upper part of his foot is actually where his Dew Claw should be.  It was either pulled out during a dog fight, or someone pulled it out.  The other distressing news is that there are a couple of fractures of his metacarpal bones on both feet.


Surgery was done in the early morning hours to debride the wounds and to flush out any infection.  The area where the Dew Claw was had to opened and packed and then sutures were used to close the area. A carpal splint was placed over the padded bandage.     The injuries Briggs has on his leg and feet now explain why the areas would not heal.    We had to get deep into the wound to get the infection out.  His wounds already look better since the procedure.


Brigg's is a sweet young pup that is slowly learning to trust people again.  He is not as scared as he was in the beginning and will even come up to you for a treat.  He gives the Vet Techs lots of Tail Wags when he sees them coming in his direction.   Feeding time has become a Love Fest for this sweet boy.  It takes a while to give Briggs his food slowly and during that time, he is smothered with hugs and kisses.


We have lots of abuse cases that we are responsible for healing, loving and nurturing.  All of our focus is on the animals we have in our care and the ones we are doing our best to save and get to hospitals.  I DO NOT do interviews or allow anyone else with Noah's Arks Rescue to do them.  I trust the Authorities to do their job so we can do ours.   We also DO NOT allow Reporters to come into hospitals where our animals are because it disrupts the day to day routines of the hospitals.  


If there is a question you need to answered, I am more than happy to answer it if I can.   Our FOCUS has always been and will remain on the welfare of the animals in our care.  They are our top Priority.    One animal does not get more attention than another one.  They are each treated as if their Life depends on it which most of the time, it does.  


Briggs will hopefully soon be coming to our Rehab Facility.  That is where he will learn to eat without a tongue and get to relax and feel like he is Home.  This is where we will get to know Briggs, and he will learn what unconditional LOVE truly is.  Each animal we take in starts to relax the minute they get in our facility.   Everything we have done in the center is to create a relaxing environment where the animals can be nurtured and heal.  Lights, sounds, and smells are each controlled, so the animal feels like they are home.  


Noah's Arks Rescue is by appointment only.  No one can come in off the street and walk in the facility.  That is for the protection of our animals and the people that care for them.  We have Rehab, Training, Wound Care, Medical and Feeding all throughout the day.   Fron Sun-Up to Sun-Down we are in motion and focused on the animals.   Appointments have to be made to see a particular dog.   We schedule these all through-out the day for people that are interested in Adopting from us.


Brigg's Journey to Heal and find Love has begun.  His worst nightmare is getting further and further behind him.   He has his entire Life ahead to be a cherished member of a Family.  Right now, he is cherished and loved by us.  Thanks for caring.


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