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BRIGGS (Brown Pitbull)

Beautiful Briggs has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.  He got well enough to get out of the hospital and come to our Rehab Facility.  He had learned to eat meatballs but was having a difficult time drinking water.  We had to give him water through his PEG tube which was working great.  He was happy, and his weight was remaining the same. This morning, he did not feel well and threw up all of his food from the previous day.  We rushed him to the hospital to get him stable and then took him to Charleston Veterinary Referral Center where Dr. Kristin Welch and her ER Team were waiting for him.  Briggs had become septic, and it was in his bloodstream.


 He was the most stoic wonderful dog that never let on when he felt bad. The last three days he was loving his food and being out of the hospital.  He got to walk with the other dogs and loved being outside.  We were feeling so good about this beautiful boy.  Sadly, his body was becoming septic from the infection he had in his mouth.  His wounds had healed in his mouth, and he was finally approved for solid food.  Sadly, the antibiotic was helping his mouth but was not strong enough to overcome the infection that had spread in his bloodstream.


We did Life-Saving measures to get him stable, and when his body would not respond, I knew it was time to say good-bye to dear Briggs.  Each of us are devastated by the loss of Briggs.   We never saw this coming and knew he would overcome this.  Briggs knew how much we Loved him.  His Life was never about publicity or attention.  It was about saving this beautiful boy and giving him back his Life.


The people in Brigg's Life let him down.  He was passed around from one person to another without a thought for his safety.  He was a puppy that loved Life and everyone he met.  There will never be justice for what happened to this beautiful boy.  All we can do is hope the people that did this are stopped and prosecuted, so no more dogs are abused or tortured. 


Tonight, Heaven got an Angel, and we are left with our tears that will not stop.   The pain we feel for this amazing little dog seems to be bottomless.   We had so much Love and Hope for dear Briggs.   Life without him will be an adjustment.  Briggs knew he was home when he arrived at our Rehab Facility.   He was Happy and Joyful and Loved.


Tonight when you look up into the Night Sky, say a Prayer for dear Briggs and Us.  His Journey may not have ended the way we had hoped, but it is exactly the way it was supposed to be.   Briggs knew unconditional Love and was Happy.   He is now running free and catching treats that are raining from the sky.  Our dear boy is finally HOME.


Thanks for your Love and Support.  Briggs had a chance because you thought he mattered.  Thanks for caring and giving him the only chance he had.

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