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DUDLEY (Shepherd Mix)

We were all excited this weekend because Dudley had improved enough for us to bring him to our Rehab Facility.  All of his specialists were optimistic that he was finally going to start the healing process.  Sadly, we had to rush him back to CVRC when he became lethargic and collapsed.  His heartbeat was all over the place and was having difficulty breathing.


Our sweet boy is back in ICU at CVRC.   The other issue is his feet were beginning to granulate and looked wonderful until all of a sudden, they began to drain profusely.   It seems like we take one step forward and ten steps back.  Dudley's Critical Care Team believe he was in such horrible shape when he arrived that removing the worm burden from his heart was just the first step in saving him.


The only good news we have was when they went to tap his chest for fluid they could not get any.   Dudley has proven to be hard to tap since the beginning.  Excess fluid in his abdomen and chest put an added strain on his heart.   When he arrived, he was in Heart Failure caused by his Heartworm Disease.  It is just going to take time to regulate his meds so his heart can start repairing itself.  


The other pressing issue we are dealing with is Dudley is skin and bones.  We have to watch the amount of food he gets so he does not get Re-feeding Syndrome, which would kill him.  Our sweet boy has to have lots of small meals to keep him stable.    Based on the condition Dudley was in, I am surprised Dudley was alive when we rescued him.  The strain on his heart made it almost impossible to walk.  His feet were so inflamed and raw that putting them down to walk was unbelievably painful.


Through everything Dudley has been through, he has been nothing but sweet and loving.   He lets you change his bandages on his feet without even a whimper.  He will spend every ounce of energy just to stand up briefly for a kiss and a hug.  Our heart breaks every time we see him struggle to breathe.    Dr. Jesty was surprised Dudley took a turn for the worse but is very hopeful he will get stronger each day.    We have to remain strong for this fantastic pup.


By all accounts, Dudley should not be alive.   He is alive because he is a fighter and refuses to give up.   As long as he is responding to our treatments, we will continue with his Intensive Medical Care.  The tragedy is this could have all been prevented if his Owner had given him Heartworm Preventative. Dudley has suffered long enough and now has a chance at living a normal Life.   We have to get him over the next two weeks.  Please, Donate whatever you can so we can continue his Medical Care and get him the best possible treatment to survive.


Thanks for helping us with this beautiful, sweet pup.   Dudley is everything we love about dogs.  His sweet disposition and determination melt our heart every time we see him.  Every day is significant in Dudley's eyes.  He finally has people that love and adore him, and he plans on staying around to cherish the unconditional love he has waited for so long.

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