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DUDLEY (Shepherd Mix)

First, there was Dudley; then there was Willow. I am sure there will be many more starved dogs to follow. These two have been the most critical as far as complications from their starvation that went beyond putting weight back on them. Each dog spent weeks in ICU and are still recovering with possible complications waiting at every corner. Dudley, I am happy to report has improved dramatically and has a constant smile on his face.


We have removed all stitches on his feet and legs, and the areas have continued to improve. The best news of all is that Dudley is getting stronger each day and no longer wants to sleep for most of the day. In the beginning, he was too weak even to raise his head. He now loves to walk around and meet all of the other injured pups with a sniff and a smile. The best part of his day is when friends come by to spend time with him and lay on the floor, rubbing him for hours on end. The entire process restores his Faith in humanity and his over-all health.


Dudley has gained almost ten pounds since he has been with us. He has another ten pounds to go before he starts to look like a healthy dog. He will then have to regain muscle mass, which will take almost six months for that to be restored. The fact Dudley survived for us to get him Medical Care is a Miracle. We are blessed with Miracles every day. Every animal we rescue is a testament to the depths of pain and suffering dogs are willing to endure for the pure pleasure of our company.


We are humbled daily by their genuine love and trust. Sadly, that trust is what got them abused in the first place. Dogs forget the past and move on to what they hope would be a pet on the head or a hug. How anyone could harm an innocent Animal is something my mind will never be able to comprehend. Dogs are the most trusting creatures, which is why they are called Man's Best Friend.


Thanks for all the help with Dudley and Willow and the many abused dogs we have taken on. Your support enables us to reach in and grab the less fortunate to show them, unconditional Love. For you, we are forever grateful. Have a very blessed weekend.

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