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DUDLEY (Shepherd Mix)

Sweet, lovable Dudley is still in ICU.  If you want to see what a big Medical Bill looks like, then put your dog in ICU for ten days, and you will need treatment from the shock.  Sadly, we do not have any choice but to keep him there because of his medical condition.   His feet are improving, but they have to have bandage changes several times a day.  In addition, he is carefully monitored for heart complication after his worm extraction procedure. 


It feels like we are at a standstill, but we are not.  I am saying that more for myself than anyone else since I have to look at the bills daily, which are frightening.  If Dudley's feet continue healing as well as they have,  the Surgical Team is planning on closing the most significant wounds to give him the best chance of recovery.  Otherwise, he would be in ICU for another two weeks which could sink the ship that I have so earnestly been keeping afloat with your help.


Most dogs that are in this much pain are not the nicest when it comes to bandage changes.  At best, they tolerate it with mild sedation but not without several close calls that look like someone could lose a finger or two.  Dudley has the best disposition and does not need to have any sedation.  He is loving and sweet the entire time.  This amazing dog does not appear to have a mean bone in his body.   He gives kisses and wags his tail during every bandage change or blood draw, which are many.


My next question is:  How could anyone not move Heaven and Earth to give this sweet, sweet dog the best possible medical care around.   Why would you not protect your beloved pet by giving him necessary medical care and preventatives?  If you live in the South, then your dog will get Fleas, Ticks, and Heartworms if you do not provide them with something to prevent it.   Dogs give so much and ask for nothing in return but a pat on the head.    The person that allowed this to happen to Dudley is a heartless person.  Their loss is going to be someone else's gain because Dudley is the perfect dog in every way.  


Our sweet boy is nowhere close to being well enough to be adopted but we are going to start taking applications for him.  We love him to pieces and am so glad the shelter reached out to us.  Dudley is a dog worth saving a thousand times over.   I wish we had room so we could take all the dogs like him.  The sad truth is dogs like Dudley are euthanized the minute they come in.  No one is going to spend the money to save them.   They DO NOT matter when healthy dogs are put to sleep by the thousands.  


I started Noah's Arks Rescue to be a Voice for Abused and Neglected dogs. At the time, I thought there would be only a few. Sadly, Abuse is rampant in our Country when it comes to Animal Husbandry.  Dogs are considered property instead of Family to so many people. At Noah's Arks Rescue, they are Family and always will be.  We throw caution to the wind and jump in with both feet to save every animal we take on.  


Most people would say that Dudley is lucky to have us, but we are the lucky ones.   The unconditional love Dudley has for everyone he meets is heart-melting.   All we want is for him to get out of the Hospital so we can spoil him rotten.   We are patiently waiting for him to come Home to Noah's Arks Rescue.


Any Donation amount would be greatly appreciated for sweet Dudley.   He has another week of Critical Care, and then we are hoping the worst will be over.   Thanks for being the Good in the World and loving Man's Best Friend the same way we do......unconditionally.

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