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MAYA (Cane Corso)

Latest Updates


A lot has happened since we rescued dear Maya.  Each day has been a new adventure.  Maya recovered well from anesthesia but was in a lot of pain immediately following the surgeries, which was to be expected. She has remained in ICU to ensure she is rotated and not getting pressure sores. She had her catheter in for the first week and is now without it.  Maya has had a fentanyl patch since the beginning.  Only in the last few days has her pain level improved significantly.


Maya was approved to begin Rehab at CVRC, which has a fantastic Rehab Facility and some of the best Rehab Specialist around. I cannot begin to tell you how fortunate we are to have some of the most compassionate, dedicated Vet Techs and Surgeons working on our pups. It is the difference between taking an animal in with no chance of survival and having a Team of Specialists treat each animal as their personal dog.  


Excellent Vet Care is expensive;  Compassion and love are priceless for an abused animal.  We save animals because of Teamwork.  We team with the best Hospitals and Surgeons to do what we cannot.  We make the hard decisions, but the Surgeons and the Techs are the ones with the animals day in and day out when they are in the Hospital.  When our time comes to take over their care, we are the ones that get them to the finish line.  


Maya's Rehab has been slow, but they have made much progress.  Maya removed her urinary catheter, and they decided it was time for her to go without it.  At the beginning of the week, they had to express her bladder, but that has improved in the last couple of days.  After surgery, Maya had minimal anal tone, which was expected given the pain radiating from her sacrum.  Her anal tone has since improved and showing significant progress.  Maya is also dealing with an overload of parasites, adding to her issues.


Given where we were a week ago, I am thrilled with our progress.  Maya has to remain in the hospital until her surgeons feel she is not in danger of doing harm with the rods in her back.  We are going to be working with Maya for a long time.  When we took on her care, we knew she would require a lot of medical attention.  We now better understand how much care she will need and what her outcome could be.  Her progress has shown us that with lots of rehab, Maya should be able to walk again.


Maya needs time for her bones and nerves to heal and Physical Therapy so her body can regain her lost muscle strength.  She will never be able to walk if she does not have the muscles required to hold her massive weight.  The best news is we are moving forward and not going backward in her recovery.


We are so far in the hole with these procedures and ICU care that I have no choice but to beg daily for Maya.  We have 32 dogs, all needing care, and each one is special.  Maya happens to be the one that is in the beginning stage of her Surgeries and Rehab that we need to focus on. 


Please, DONATE when we send around a plea to help these pups.  Covid has put a considerable strain on everyone, and Not for Profits saving animals is at the bottom of the barrel.  Without your support, none of this would be possible.  Thanks for helping us get through these challenging times.

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