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MAYA (Cane Corso)

Latest Updates

It has been four months since we rescued Maya from being put to sleep.  Whatever I thought I was getting into with saving her was multiplied by about 1000 when we finally got her into our Orthopedic Specialist.   Lucky does not even describe how fortunate she is to be alive.  Whatever hit Maya was massive because her large bones were crushed.


Maya had to undergo three major surgeries before her Rehab began, which took us almost three months.  She was back in the ER or Vet practically every week for one complication or another.  A screw broke, an infection got into the area, she tore a ligament, and the list continues.  I have never had a more complicated case than Maya's because of her massive size.


Amputating her bad leg on the worst side of her break was never an option.  Maya was way too big to be a tripod with all her damage.  Her hips could not have held her weight.  Our special girl never gave up on us, and we never gave up on her.   Maya would let us know when something was wrong when she refused to move. We would gingerly put her in the van and take her to the ER, where her surgeon was waiting.


Most times, Maya would have to stay in the hospital for several days until they could determine the cause of the pain.  I refused ever to bring her back until we had a good plan.  Each time, a new program was written for her care.  We have 34 dogs at Noah's Arks Rescue, each needing special care, and Maya took up much of that time because her injuries kept changing.


Maya could barely walk when her surgeon finally approved removing the steel bars and doing an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy).  Maya had bone-on-bone grinding that was causing her an incredible amount of pain.  When Dr. Patti Sura when in to do her FHO, she was shocked to see how the femoral head had deteriorated.  It looked like she had a massive infection that had eaten away a large portion of her femoral head.  Once the surgery was complete, Maya had to stay in the hospital until they had her pain under control.


Maya's cultures returned that the original hip repair site harbored the infection.  She has to be on Levaquin 500 mg twice daily for 30 days to rid her body of the infection.  We had a way of culturing that area when she was cleared to have the bars removed.  Maya seemed to be fighting an uphill battle from the moment she was injured.  At every turn, there were complications.


Maya has been doing fantastic, and for the first time since we got her, she got to roll over on her back in the grass and rub around, which I am sure felt incredible.  I have posted a video of her enjoying her outing outside.


Maya's bills are so out of control that I can only focus on getting her well.  The best news is where she is right now is very stable.  Unless something horrific happens, she will get stronger each day.  The fact she is out of pain and able to walk around and enjoy herself is a Miracle.   She has even decided to give us a little attitude when she does not want to come in and goes in the opposite direction with one of us chasing her.   Everyone is quite amused by her Free-Spirited attitude.


We adore this amazing, Gentle Giant.  She is one of the sweetest dogs that loves everyone.   She is alive because we never gave up on getting her better.  Now comes the hard part of covering her stack of medical bills.  Please, Donate whatever you can so we can dig out of the Maya Hole we are in.


If you think Maya would fit your Family, please drop us a note.  Because of her injuries, she cannot be in a home with stairs.

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