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MAYA (Cane Corso)

Latest Updates

We have had ups and downs with Maya over the last four weeks. The massive fixators have kept us on our toes.   We have dealt with many fixators on the legs but none on the pelvis and spinal area.   It has been two weeks since I did an update, and I have finally found two seconds to sit down and let you know her progress.


Maya had an unexpected visit to the ER, which we just about did each of us in.  We had been doing each bandage change with great precision and delicacy.  The fixator poles and the area around them had to be cleaned daily.  If we found any drainage, we had to contact her surgeon immediately and get her in. A week after we had Maya, she became very painful in her rear section and would squeal when lifted.  


Picking up 100 lbs of dog in pain is not an easy task.  Maya began to help us some but was limited in what she could do.  Right after her last squeal, I decided we had to look at her wound and rods to ensure nothing had come undone or broken because of her size.  I contacted CVRC and her surgeon immediately when I discovered her rods appeared to have changed positions.  The angles of the poles are precise and need to remain anchored in the pelvis bones and not have ANY movement.


With Maya in pain, I decided she would have to go back to CVRC to see her surgeon and have them access her.  X-rays would have to be done with her fully sedated so they could extend her rear legs completely.  Maya would not allow the extension while she was awake.  It was Dr. Sura's Birthday and her day off, but she came in late that night to oversee Maya's care and ensure she did not have to go back in and do more surgery.


The best news was that Maya's rods had not moved, but her swelling had gone down and changed the look of the pole angles.  We were elated but still needed to know why she was uncomfortable. Dr. Sura explained that her most significant issue is her acetabular/pubic/ischial fracture fragment on the right is further distracted, with the tuber ischia ventrally displaced and the caudal acetabular fragment encroaching on the obturator foramen.  I know all of these words mean nothing without a picture, so I enclosed a diagram to fully understand placement.


Dr. Sura explained more straightforwardly that Maya's biggest problem was losing her ability to extend her right leg.  That would hinder her progress if we did not get full extensions out of her leg during rehab.  None of this would be easy because of her fixators, but I was determined to do exactly what she said and do no harm to Maya.


We finally got Maya back to our rehab facility and felt a little more confident in what we had been doing. My nerves and back were shot from all the lifting and worrying about her hospital bills.  I had to stay focused on Maya and her getting better.  The rest would I would figure out later.  


Over the next two weeks, we redid Maya's kennel area to make it more convenient for us to do rehab and for her to go out the front door quickly to use the bathroom.   Nothing is quick with a heavy dog, but we were making progress.  Maya's rehab showed improvement each day with her rear leg extensions.  She was soon getting up and walking around her confined area at night without pain.


One afternoon when all the dogs were passing by Maya for the night, one particular dog sparked her interest.  Maya was so excited about Chocco that she began to walk independently without assistance.  She could not go very far, but it was more than she had ever done.  Since then, Maya has taken a few steps out of her kennel without assistance and walked all the way outside yesterday.  I'm sharing a video on her web page for you to see her miraculous progress.


Maya has four more weeks before x-rays can be done to determine if the rods can be removed.  In the meantime, we are doing rehab and wound care several times a day in addition to all the walking we have her doing outside to the bathroom.


Every day is another medical bill for this precious pup.  We didn't know what we were getting into when her Journey began, but we are so glad we took her to our Rescue.  I know of no other Rescue that would spend this kind of money and commit to the dedication Maya needs to regain her ability to walk.  We adore this beautiful, sweet massive dog.  The thought of not giving her a chance was never part of the equation for us.


Whatever you can spare to help with her continued medical care would be greatly appreciated.


On a different note, we have had problems posting on Facebook since they have redone their site.  We post whenever it allows us to publish, which is rare.  Also, I am the only person who can update any of our dogs.  I run Noah's Arks Rescue full-time and our luxury boutique Fetch Mkt. where 100% of the profits go toward saving the dogs at Noah's Arks Rescue.  I am over it all and have a family I do not get to spend as much time as I like with.   Please, drop me a note if there is a specific dog you want an update on.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.  


Know this, if I could do more, I would.  I am already giving 1000% of myself to saving these dogs and giving them the best life possible.  We have many dogs being treated, but no time to post for them, so the burden of medical is always on me.  Please, donate whenever you can and know it is helping one of our abused dogs that would have been euthanized without us.


Thanks for your generous Heart and Soul.  You are the Village that makes all of this possible.  Warm hugs and much love....Jennifer


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