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MAYA (Cane Corso)

Sweet Maya has had more complicated surgeries than any dog we have had.  No one thought Maya would survive after her pelvis was crushed.  We did everything possible to give her the best chance of surviving and thriving.  Our biggest obstacle was that Maya was a 100 lb. mastiff, and she had lost all support in her rear legs when her pelvis was crushed. 


Our biggest obstacle was holding Maya up without damaging the remaining functioning legs. After six months of rehab, Maya was finally able to walk on her own.  It wasn't pretty since her pelvis was still very sore, but she was given the go-ahead to move around once her fixtures were removed.  


Dr. Sura explained that Maya's biggest problem was tearing something in her legs while holding up her massive weight. We did everything Dr. Sura told us to, and it worked. Maya's legs got stronger, her posture was great, and she was not favoring one leg over another. Maya started going on longer walks and loved playing with the Littles during their playtime.  


Life was great for this amazing pup until, one day, she suddenly became lame and did not want to walk.  We managed to get her to the hospital, and x-rays were done.  It was determined that Maya had fluid on her knee. A culture was taken, and she was put on appropriate antibiotics.  Unfortunately, that was only part of the problem.  Dr. Sura was concerned she had torn her cruciate ligament and needed a CAT scan or MRI to determine the reason for her lameness.


It was confirmed that dear Maya had a partial tear of her craniomedial band, and her medial meniscus was intact.  Our special girl needed TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) Surgery. The good news is we caught the tear in time before she damaged more ligaments.  Dr. Seibert was on-call for her procedure and was excited to spend some time with our gentle Mastiff.


Maya's surgery went well, and she tolerated the procedure as well as expected.  The only issue was Maya did not like being in the hospital after all of her other procedures, and her intestinal tract was in an uproar over it.   It was not pleasant for our special girl for the next couple of days.  It seemed like every medication to control her pain made her sick, which created more pain.  It was a vicious cycle, and everyone felt terrible for Maya.  The good news is her GI System settled down when we got her back to our Rehab Facility.


Maya is getting much sympathy from all of the Littles she plays with. She will be back in fit form in no time. Sadly, the surgeons informed me that her other knee would do the same thing since she is now favoring it while she heals. We will cross that bridge when or if it happens. In the meantime, we have our sweet Maya back on her feet one more time.


TPLO Surgery and everything that happened before she could have surgery has cost us a fortune.  Please, DONATE whatever you can for this special girl.

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