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Mr. Grumpy Conway

GREENVILLE, SC......Mr. Grumpy Conway is a 12-year-old Shih Tzu that was turned into Animal Control in Greenville, SC.   The plea that went around told me everything I needed to know that ornery Mr. Conway was not coming out alive.   He had so many Medical issues on top of a bad attitude that when his Family turned him in, they basically signed his Death Certificate.   Conway has lots of eye issues but can still see; he has horrible skin from a flea allergy that went untreated and sadly he has Perianal Tumors all around his rear end. The tumors happen on a lot of male dogs that are not neutered.   


I knew this sweet pup had not been given a chance given all he had going on.  If his tumors came back Cancer, no one would want to take him.  He reminded me so much of Lyle Lovett that was a little Land Shark that I decided to give him a chance and do whatever I could to save him.  Well, Mr. Grumpy Conway has definitely got an attitude problem.  I think it has more to do with his eyesight than the tumors he has.


We are having his eyes checked to give him some relief and will be doing surgery on his hinder region to address his Adenoma Tumors. The best remedy for Anal Tumors is to neuter male dogs and allow the body to adapt and hopefully allow the tumors to go down. Because of Conway's age, we will probably have to remove the tumors.  Biopsies will be done to get a better idea what we are dealing with. The good news is that Mr. Grumpy does not show any signs of cancer that has spread anywhere in his body.


The other issue we have to deal with is that Conway has a grade III/IV heart murmur.  It is not bad enough to prevent surgery, but it does need to be addressed and be seen by our Cardiologist, Dr. Cox.  As bad as Conway was when he arrived, his heartworm test came back negative.  We are going to repeat the test to make sure he actually is negative.  A dog that was not given any flea meds is a dog that usually comes in heartworm positive.   It would be great if he remained negative.


Conway loves other dogs and was probably not given a lot of human interaction which is probably why he is in such a bad mood all of the time.  I believe that once we have done his procedures and he gets to come to our Rehab Center, his entire demeanor will change.  It might be wishful thinking on my part, but he did not deserve to be discarded in the condition he was in.   If we can turn around Lyle Lovett, we can turn around just about any dog. We got to where we could love on Lyle all day long without an issue.  I am not saying he did that all the time, but he became a sweet, pleasant pup that we adored.


Conway is at Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC being treated.  Please, Help us with his Medical bills so we can help more dogs like Conway recover from the neglect they have received for most of their life.  I don't think Mr. Grumpy is a bad dog, I just think he needs proper Medical Care so he can live out the remainder of his Life surrounded by unconditional Love and Care.

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