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Mr. Grumpy Conway

It is with a heavy heart that I have to let everyone know that sweet Conway has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  We had been dealing with the abscess that continued to fill and drain in Conway's lower jaw and neck.   When the area filled with fluid, it obstructed his airway until it burst and the fluid drained.  I think it bothered us more than it bothered Conway. He was such a tough little man that did not let medical issues get in his way of enjoying his Life.


Yesterday Conway did not want to eat or get out of his kennel to walk around and play with the other dogs.  His idea of playing was, you stand still and I sniff you all over, and then I move on to the next dog.  Every dog just stood still until he was done sniffing and then they ran off to play.  Every pup in his playgroup understood him and let him do whatever he wanted.  When Conway did not want to do that, and his breathing became very labored, we knew it was time.


Conway was brought over to Fetch Mkt where I was working and doing updates and immediately picked up.  Once he started walking around, the abscess burst, and he could suddenly breathe better.  We cleaned him up as best we could with his grumpy little mood (which put a smile on each of our faces).   He suddenly felt like a new dog and wanted to go outside and play.  I knew it would be short-lived and made the call for Dr. Marikay to come out to the facility.   By the time she had arrived, Conway was back in his bed after eating eight individual dog biscuits and was sleeping.


He let us know when it was time and he was gone surrounded by the people that loved and adored him.  We told him to say hello to pups of ours that had passed that we knew would be greeting him and warned him to stay away from Otto.  I knew the minute I saw him, today was going to be his day.   His suffering was finally over.


We may never know what happened to Conway once he left us to live with his new Family.  All we know is that he should have lived much longer and not endured all of the surgical procedures he had.  Conway was an older dog when he left us that was supposed to live out the balance of his Life in peace.  I take great comfort knowing his final weeks were with us. He was surrounded by unconditional Love and Nurturing from the moment we got him in our arms.  We loved this dear boy and always will.


Tonight when you look to the Heavens, say a Prayer for dear Conway and all the other Abused Dogs that went before him.  Look for the brightest star that is moving slowly across the sky with other stars close by. You will know it is Conway by the way the smaller stars shoot off once he has had his final sniff.   Thanks for helping us give Conway the Medical Care he needed and allowed us the Gift of his Love.    


Conway is finally whole and has his beautiful golden Angel Wings.


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