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Mr. Grumpy Conway

Poor Conway cannot get a break.  On Tuesday, Dr. Nanfelt ordered a Cat Scan so she could determine exactly where the object was the radiologist saw on the x-rays.  The Cat Scan did not show anything in the area they suspected a pin was and decided it was an artifact that sometimes shows up on x-rays. What they did find was so disturbing that Dr. Nanfelt got our Neurosurgeon, Dr. Bergman involved.


Conway had to be sedated for the Cat Scan, and then they were going to do surgery immediately following the scan.   The scan showed a large puncture in the soft palate of the roof of the mouth and also showed fractured Hyoid Bones. You usually see injuries of the Hyoid bones from dog bites when another dog bites down around a dog's neck.


Dr. Nanfelt contacted me immediately after the Neurology and Surgical Team saw the scans.  They were all in agreement the injuries they saw on Conway were consistent with a dog bite around the neck that also punctured the roof of the mouth from a possible tooth.  They decided they needed to go in and remove any damaged tissue and clean out the abscess where the roof of the mouth had been punctured and the bottom area where the draining tracts were.


I contacted the Family that had adopted Conway and explained the findings to them.  I asked if he had been in an altercation with their other dog or any other dog and they were adamant he had not. They asked for the report that confirmed what I had said and I sent it to them.


Conway was in surgery for several hours, and several biopsies were taken in addition to adjacent lymph nodes.  Everyone involved in Conway's care is shocked by the results.  None of the findings are consistent with what we were told.  Right now, all we care about is getting this amazing dog well.  Unfortunately, that is not going to be an easy task given all that he has already been through.


Dr. Bergman said there is nothing we can do about the fractured bones he has. I asked his Team if the bones could have fractured during his dental surgery and they said no.  Cleaning out the infected areas in his mouth is our top priority.  We are hopeful the biopsy report will shed some light on what happened.


One thing is certain, Conway will be coming back to us once he gets out of ICU and is well.  He will have to remain in the hospital while his wounds are healing and to ensure his infection is resolving.  I am so glad we had him brought back to our Specialists in Matthews, NC.  They have known Conway since the very first day we rescued him.  He already has a history and medical records with them.


If you have not Donated for this special pup, please do.  He has so many things going on that we are fearful of what could happen next.  It is amazing that the original problem with the little tumors around his rear end now seem minor compared to what we are dealing with.   Thanks for helping us with this sweet senior pup. 

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