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Mr. Grumpy Conway

Sweet CONWAY sadly has made it back to us and is in the ER in Matthews, NC.  Right after this special older pup was adopted, he was taken to the Vet to have his mouth looked over.  The new Owners went ahead and had some teeth extracted and then contacted us after this had been done.  Everything seemed to be in order for the procedure, so we paid the bill.


A couple of weeks later, we got a call saying Conway needed another procedure for an abscess that had formed and they had also found a lump.  I sent a note saying not to do anything until I went over all of the medical to see if I needed to bring Conway back here for the medical and then would get him back to them.  Four days later, I got a note saying the procedure had been done and there were complications.


I spoke to the Owners to see why they went ahead after my note had said not to do anything until I looked into this.  Conway is a very old dog and was not a candidate for lots of procedures that required anesthesia. I spoke to the Owners, and they assured me they would not do anything else without our permission.  My Gut told me something was going terribly wrong for this wonderful dog.


What started out as a few teeth that needed pulling was now a full-blown infection that required multiple rounds of antibiotics, and the abscess was still draining.   I decided it was time to get dear Conway back to our Specialists in Matthews, NC so the Vets that knew him could determine the source of the infection and get him properly treated.  


Cultures were done and the area that was draining closed.  The area has since opened up and is draining again.  The ER Team decided they needed to do x-rays to see if they could find any foreign bodies in that area.  The x-rays showed a small metallic thin body that looked like a needle or pin.   That appears to be the source of the infection.   


The ER Team thinks he might have eaten something that had the object in it and it migrated through the esophagus into the side of the neck.  I have reached out to the Family several times but have not heard back from them concerning our findings.  The location of the metal object is very close to major arteries and will require a Surgeon and possibly a Cat Scan to determine the safest way to remove the object.


Conway's vital signs are good, and the infection appears to be under control.  Dr. Michelle Nanfelt will determine the safest way to remove the object on Tuesday with the least amount of damage. Once Conway has healed from this procedure, we will then determine what is best for him.  Our special boy has been through a lot over the last couple of months.   He will need to come back to us while he relaxes and heals to make sure he does not have any further medical issues.


In the meantime, we have to raise funds to cover sweet Conway's ICU bills and his upcoming Surgery.   Please, DONATE whatever you can for this unexpected Medical Emergency.   Your support is greatly appreciated.


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