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ANGEL (Westie Mix)

I am happy to report that sweet Angel is out of the hospital and back with us.   Dr. Quigley determined that his head either built up a lot of pressure from the large volume of fluid and formed a tiny hole where the fluid could get out or when he was rolling around, he rolled over something that could have weakened an area that allowed the fluid to drain.  If he had a hole, it would have immediately drained which is not the case.


Angels head will always be very soft in areas where it did not develop properly.   We thought of putting a small helmet on him, but because of his tiny size, he would lose his ability to hop around the way he does now and play in the special area we have for him.   Angel has already got a lot on his plate.  We are not going to cause him any suffering that would take away his quality of Life.   Right now, he is one of the happiest dogs that does not have a clue he has a Life-Threatening condition, and we want to keep it that way.


The fluid in Angel's Brain area has already started to fill back up.   He is beginning to look like our normal little hydrocephalus pup that we know and LOVE.  We have each been having a hard time, not having him here with us and are so glad to have him back.   As you can see from the pictures, his buddy Spike is also glad to have him home.  Thanks for caring and showing him how much you care by Donating toward his Medical Bills.  We greatly appreciate your Love and Support.

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