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ANGEL (Westie Mix)

We have lost one of the most amazing little dogs we have ever had the pleasure of Loving.   Our dear Angel has his Golden Angel wings. Sweet Angel was beginning to get his spunk back when he suddenly had a massive seizure.  He made it through the first seizure and then had two more that he could not come back from.  We rushed him to Savannah, GA to see Dr. Jason King, our Neurologist and he had lost all brain function and was barely breathing.  He crossed over right after we arrived at the ER Clinic.


Angel was the happiest pup that loved his Life.  He ruled the Roost at the Rehab Center.   Whatever he wanted, he got.  Angel was born with one eye, a deformed non-functioning front leg, hydrocephalus, and a damaged neck.   The list could go on and on, but none of it mattered to Angel or us because we thought he was perfect in every way.


Instead of walking or running, he learned to hop all over the place.  He could get on and off his platform bed and never waited for any of us to help him.  He was quick as lightning when we opened his kennel door.  We had to grab him quickly, so he did not fall out since he was in the top row.  He had the most beautiful eye that would steal your Soul every time he looked at you.   This little boy never missed a thing and was always the first to let the other dogs know not mess with him.   He was spunky from sun up to sun down.


Every dog we lose takes a part of us with them.   Our hearts break a thousand times over.   If I had it to do all over again, I would still save dear Angel and all the others.   Whatever we gave to this beautiful pup, he gave back a thousand times over.  Our lives were bigger and better because Angel was part of it.  No matter how bad a day we were having, all we had to do was pick up Angel, and all our worries would vanish.


Our beautiful Angel may have crossed over The Rainbow Bridge, but his Love is still warm in each of our hearts.  He will forever be part of us.   His memory will never fade, and his Love will never die.    We were the lucky ones that got to experience unconditional Love.  


Tonight when you look up in the Night Sky, look for the brightest star that is hopping all across the Heavens.  That would be dear Angel letting us know he is safe and finally Home.


Thanks for caring about this very special boy.  It was an honor loving and caring for him.

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