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ANGEL (Westie Mix)

Sweet Angel has taken a turn for the worse and had to be taken back to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC.    We were hoping he would go back to his normal chipper little self, but sadly that did not happen.


We rushed Angel to the ER when he started screaming in pain where Dr. Bergman was waiting.   He ordered a Cat Scan be done immediately so he could determine if he needed surgery to have a shunt put in.  While the Cat Scan was being done, he saw where there was inflammation on Angel's right side of his brain.  That is the same area where they found a tiny hole where the spinal fluid had drained out.


Dr. Bergman took a small amount of fluid from the brain to send to the lab.  The culture was growing something, but we would not have the full report back for five days.  Dr. Bergman put Angel on a broad-spectrum antibiotic until the final results are in.   We also have him on steroids to help with the inflammation he has on the right side.


We are so upset about this very special puppy.  It breaks our hearts to see him this way.  Angel is one of the most amazing dogs you will ever get to meet.  He has more disabilities than any puppy should have, and he does not let any of it bother him.   He will play, bark and love all day long if you let him.  We have got to get him better and get him through this nightmare.  PLEASE, Donate whatever you can so we can get him Well and back in our Loving Arms.


Angel will live out his Life with us at Noah's Arks Rescue because of the Medical issues he has.  He is a very Special Pup that deserves a long Life surrounded by people that Love and Adore him.  We are his People, and he is our little Angel.   Thanks for caring and making his Journey to Heal and find Love, possible.  We greatly appreciate your Love and Support and continued Prayers for his Recovery.

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