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ANGEL (Westie Mix)

I thought I would start our day off with some good news.  Adorable Angel is out of the hospital.  He is still having some difficulty, but we believe his headaches will resolve when his infection goes away.  His headache is caused by the pressure in his head changing when he lost fluid in his brain.  The inflammation near the area where the fluid drained became inflamed, and that created more pressure.


Dr. Bergman feels he will improve a little bit each week, but it will not be a drastic improvement until the infection is gone and the fluid has stabilized.    We each forget how delicate Angel is because he acts like such a little tough guy.  We would do anything to have our little boy back to normal, but that is not possible at this moment.  Angel does not appear to be in any pain but is dull instead of his usual perky personality.


Angel is always going to be Special needs.   That fact will never change.  We have lots of people that want to adopt him, but it would have to be a very special household that could ensure his safety at all times and one that would not leave him for an extended period of time.  Our little Angel will always be incontinent because of his neurologic impairment.  It is more of a dribble than total incontinence.   He can get up and use the bathroom and then go back to his bed.


We do not have Angel in diapers because it would be too easy for him to get a urinary tract or bladder infection being moist all the time.   As you can see from what we are dealing with now, any infection with a hydrocephalus pup is a disaster waiting to happen.


We have Angel placed on K9 Grass with a special bed that will drain with a pad placed below the grass.  This has proven to be a perfect combination for him.  He is dry all the time, and we can clean his area quickly.   We have lots of places where we can put Angel during the day with this setup that he loves.  He is around other dogs and gets to enjoy the Life of being a dog.  His limitations do not prevent him from having a great Quality of Life.


Our biggest concern is getting him back to his normal self.   We are so used to being greeted by Angel's nonstop barking until one of us picks him up and cuddles him.  Angel is one of the most inspiring little hydrocephalus pups we have ever had the pleasure of taking care of.  He has multiple disabilities that never hold him back.   In Angel's little World, Life is perfect.   He has his people, and everyone that meets him falls in love.


Thanks for making it possible for us to give this little boy a Life filled with Joy and Unconditional Love.   

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