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I am happy to report that adorable Bentley is doing great.  He is slowly adapting to not being able to use his rear legs.   He is incontinent and has to have his bladder expressed several times a day but has adjusted to the process.  We have ordered a cart for him, but it will not be here for several more weeks.  In the meantime, he and Bosco are taking turns sharing Bosco's Cart.   We got to see Bentley run around yesterday for the very first time.   He was Happy, and we were over-joyed for this wonderful dog.


We are hopeful Bentley will regain some use of his rear legs.   We never know what the outcome will be when we work on an animal's spine or spinal cord.   It is very delicate surgery that should only be done by a Neurologist.  We strive to take away the dogs pain and give them back as much mobility as possible.   The most important thing is never to give up on them.   Once an animal feels comfortable knowing we can take care of them in their new condition, they begin to relax and allow the healing process to begin.   This is the first week that Bentley has relaxed and is now getting back to his normal self.   We Love this amazing dog and will do anything to help him through this.


Bentley's Rehab will begin once his staples have been removed and his incision has closed.   We will then begin Under Water Treadmill Therapy is give him the best possible chance at walking.   We are at the very beginning of his healing process, and he still has a long way to go before we decide he will not get the use of his rear legs back.   We are very encouraged by how far he has come and will remain so.


We are still taking Donations for adorable Bentley to cover his MRI, Spinal Surgery, and ER Visit.   Thanks for caring and being part of his Journey.

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