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It is with incredible sadness that we have to let you know that dear BENTLEY has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.    Bentley passed several weeks ago, but this is the first time I felt strong enough to post for him.  Writing the words down makes passing so FINAL.  


Bentley was one of the most amazing dogs that stuck to you like velcro.   He loved unconditionally and stole your heart before you even knew he was in the room.  We had Bentley for years before we let him go to a wonderful home.  He was always the sweet boy that would let you bury your head in his soft fur and rub his raw spot from where he was burned until all the sorrows of the day went away.  He was calm and gentle and always knew his place and always had a smile on his face.    If you look the word LOVE up in the dictionary, I know there is a picture of sweet Bentley there.


Spinal injuries happen all the time.  Some of the worst ones happen out of the blue and for no apparent reason.   One minute the dog is happy and playing and the next he is hobbling and crying in pain.   Bentley went from being okay to being crippled in a short period for no apparent reason.   A ruptured disk in the lower part of his spine was the reason for his medical issues.  You have a 50% chance of the dog regaining their motor skills and walking.   Bentley was our sweet boy, and there was no way we would not give him that chance.   Unfortunately, he did not regain any function in his rear legs and lost all control of his bladder and bowels.  His Family learned to express his bladder and his bowels, but that wasn't enough.    Our dear boy went downhill rapidly.  He loved Life, loved his Family, but he did not want to live Life the way he was now. All the Unconditional Love and Care could not reverse how depressed he was and how bad he felt.  There was nothing the Family would not have done for him or Us.  


In the end, we had to listen to this wonderful dog and honor his wishes.   He was with his Family when he crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.  He was comfortable and happy and Thankful.  He was given the chance to die with Dignity.   He gave his all, and we gave our all.  I always say that an animal will let you know when it is time to say Good-Bye.   Bentley let us know, and as hard as it was to listen, I knew he was right.


Our sweet boy has his Angel Wings.  He can run and play and fly through the air like he always had with us.   He is whole again.   He is Happy, and his Heart is full because of all the unconditional love he received while he was with us.


It is raining in South Carolina and today seemed like the perfect day to post for our dear boy.   The clouds have opened up, and they are crying with us.    In my heart, I know it was the right decision but a very hard decision to make.   I am glad Bentley is finally free to look after each of us.  He is now our Guardian Angel.   Even though it will be cloudy tonight, there will be a Big Star shining so bright that it comes through the thick clouds.   That will be Bentley with a big smile on his face shining down and letting us each know, he is Home and has his buddy Dapple by his side that passed two months earlier.  All is right with the World again for these two amazing dogs.


Thanks for all you did to make his Journey to Thrive and find Love, possible.  It was more than possible because it happened.   If anyone would like to make a Donation to honor this sweet boy, we will use it to pay off his final Spinal Surgery bill.   Your Donation will help us help more dogs like our dear boy that people have turned their backs on.  He could have been part of the 50% that walked after surgery.  It wasn't meant to be, but we did all we could to give him that chance. Thanks for caring and being there for him and us. 

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